To change the world it only takes one person — you.

It happens when being brave becomes the real you,

and bravery fights the fearful state that besets you.

Alone are you,

with not one, but a crowd against you,

and no matter how correct be you,

the brain-washed will never heed you.

It’s them against you,

even when truth is with you,

to the cult their enemy is you,

everything broken they blame you.


Thankfully, what is bad has been broken by you.

Present and future survivors will thank you

for standing up for human rights did you.

You suffered when the tyrant attacked you.

And his henchmen joined the assault on you.

Alone were you,

But this odious crowd was beaten by you,

because a surrender to evil they couldn’t get from you.

Now others have escaped the cult thanks to you.

The protection of women was secured by you,

and defending the vulnerable was won by you.

A dragon’s fire has been doused thanks to you.

To change the world it only takes one person — YOU.