Wealth For Everyone – REVERSE INCOME TAX

Reverse Income Tax (RIT) is the answer to the growing global economic slump.

It’s simple: stop taking income tax out of the wage packet, but instead give money – RIT – and we are on the road to super abundance, the likes of which humankind has never witnessed before.

Stop taking money from people’s income… turn it around; give workers money for working, and we will witness a miracle in prosperity such as this world has never seen the likes of.

Instead of taking 50% income tax out of a wage-packet, let the government give the workers 50% on top of their salary.

So every month an employee is coming home, not with 49% of their wage-packet, but with 150%. –100% from the employer plus 50% (RIT) from the government.

Hey, man, that’s crazy! Printing money like this will never work!


Today, central banks are printing money, but hey, the benefits of this printing is going to the rich, and not to the middle and working classes.

Let’s reverse it. Let’s reverse Austrian Austerity. Let’s reverse poverty. Let’s reverse income tax (RIT).

We have seen that austerity does not work.

It has cratered southern Europe, and for many Irish, recession is still their master as they see little gain from Eire’s GDP upturn.

Of course the Calvinist / Lutheran hair-shirt-economists of northern Europe will squeal their boring mantra: fiscal responsibility.

But, hey, Germans, Dutch and Scanwegians listen; Reverse Income Tax will immediately boost every economy, especially your own.

The extra income will instantly increase demand because workers will not squirrel away the cash into Cayman Island or Swiss bank accounts, but they will spend it at the local shop or pay down debt, both of which will boost investment.

So now we are into a cycle of abundance.

Of course governments are going to tax that spending.

So, from this RIT boost, let them introduce a consumption tax, say 30% or so – a super VAT (SVAT), which will go to pay for building the roads, education, rule of law, etc.

Issuing money into the system (RIT) to account for demand will directly create more investment, meaning more jobs, more salaries, more goods and more tax (SVAT) to run the country.

Such salaries increases will give young people the chance to buy their own homes, and create a family life that is comfortable to live.

Austerity does not work – it has been refuted by logical minds, and we’ve all witnessed austerity’s failure from the pains of the Great Recession.

Cutting public spending and decreasing salaries causes disharmony, suicide, emigration and the destruction of society.

But increasing public spending from SVAT, and increasing salaries thanks to RIT, will reduce stress – personal and financial – and enhance society.

Only the cynical, or the old age, or those enslaved to disappointment, will not allow themselves to understand, or dare to believe in the personal and societal advantages from Reverse Income Tax.

Welcome to abundance, which is everyone’s birthright, and which every human (rich and poor) will enjoy from turning failed austerity into the wealth-creating Reverse Income Tax.

Welcome to wealth for everyone.