Waves of Refugees

Thousands of refugees from their war-torn homelands are turning into millions of desperate people seeking safety in Europe. Fear and hatred are driving flocks of peaceful families to flee fanaticism and search for pockets of peace in northern countries. Europe now faces the prospects of accepting or rejecting millions upon millions of impoverished humans – who only want a peaceful place to sleep at night without waking to torture, crucification, beheading, rape or sold into enslavement. The new exodus sees people from Africa and the Middle East searching for a safe haven in the West as they try to escape from nine civil wars now enflaming Islamic countries from Nigeria to Pakistan. Half of Syria’s 23 million population have been forced from their homes – four million are refugees in other countries. Over 2.5 million people have been displaced in Iraq. Over 1.5 million have been uprooted in South Sudan…. the list goes on, and it’s frightening.