Louis van Gaal has lowered himself to racism to excuse his terrible management of Manchester United.

The club suffered its most humiliating defeats in United’s European history, losing 2-1 to Danish side Midtjylland in the Europa League.

Interviewed afterwards van Gaal gave the excuse: “It is the Law of Murphy. When you have a list of 13 injured players and then a few minutes before the game you add another one to the list, then it becomes very difficult to cope.”

Dutchman van Gaal didn’t say it was the Law of De Jong, or Jansen, or De Vries – the most popular surnames in Holland.

No, he automatically dropped into racism — the final refuge of the scoundrel.

Manchester United must now sack him, not because he is the worst manager the legendary club has ever had, but because he is a racist.

He should apologise to the Irish, and the UK authorities should prosecute him for racism.

Maybe bar him from Britain — maybe the best thing that could happen for Manchester United.