Unique Script By Journalist Declan White

Journalist Declan White’s script HAIRS has been described as a unique screenplay by the Crime/Mystery Film Festival in the U.S.A.

The script won first prize at the Meters Film Festival held in New York State, USA, last month (01-April-2017).

The Crime/Mystery Film Festival and Table Read Screenplays have now told journalist Declan White that there are not many scripts like his.

“This is a very unique story and it’s packed with actions and conflicts.

“Your characters all have clear goals.

“The exaggerated, unrealistic, and cartoony characters in your script are a lot of fun.”




This horror thriller reveals how military, the Mafia, corrupt politicians and big-pharma are pushing a fiendish GMO concoction on the public that is causing a scary hairy disease, which is attacking humanity.

The bad boys have even more genetic monster-diseases to plague America.

But one woman is out to stop them … with hairstyles that will knock audiences over…

And her hairs might scare us into fleeing the cinema.




*         Winner Meters Film Festival; New York State, USA, on April 2017.

*         Winner July 2016 Best Screenplay Feature: 1st Place Winner: Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.

*         Winner Best Horror Screenplay: July 2016: Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival.

*         Winner Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival 2016.