The art of surviving on this planet by the power of love is the challenge set every human.

No matter if you are rich or poor, thin or tall, it is the same story for us all.

And such a story of endless compassion is told in elegant writing in Forty Years Stoned – a journalist’s romance – by Tom Huth.

This is a compelling book that charms with a witty run of noble kindness from the off to the end.

Words trip lightly to Tom’s page, but they are laden with tear-dropping atomic-bombs … when reading eyes cannot continue, without wiping weeps away.

This is a beautiful work about two people loving each other, and then the husband caring as she goes down with an incurable disease.

This endearing love story flows from the pen of former Washington Post scribbler Tom Huth.

He is an engaging contrarian, whose American Dream encompasses empathy for his fellow citizens while he is being burdened down for decades, caring for his brainy and remarkable wife Holly, who suffered from Parkinson’s Disease.

The Santa Barbara-based couple turned from orthodox medicine after the side-effects of prescribed-drugs almost wrecked Holly’s life – both physically and mentally, turning her life at times into a sleepless hellish nightmare as Big-Pharma’s chemicals played havoc with her brain and nervous system.

Holly turned to alternative healing, and found some comfort there – though the adverse side-effects from her prescriptions continued to torment Holly for years after she stopped taking them.

Along with complementary healing, Chinese medicine, diet, exercise, and life-affirming therapies, the Californian couple also turned to their trusted herb-of-choice, cannabis.

This is a real Californian couple – bright-smiled, smart-brained, openly-honested, hard-worked, adventure-loved, yoga-meditated, self-employed, freelance followers of life, travelling the globe, fully living their incarnations, collecting sights and experiences that souls will still enjoy ions after we are all rebirthed.

Cannabis relieved some of Holly’s anxieties and sufferings. It helped her take her mind off her pain, and Tom filled those moments with tenderness.

Cannabis helped to assist Tom Huth – care-helper-supreme.

Smoking the herb in his pipe inspired and invigorated Tom – Mr. Dependable – as he courageously dealt with a disease that most folk would scoot from.

He stayed brave to the bitter end with his beautiful wife … Tom selflessly personified that brilliant American spirit: Do.

Do has made America great.

Do makes Americans greater.

Do is the soul of America.

Do is the soul of Tom Hutch.

Thankfully, Tom had his doob to help him do whatever hardship the disease threw at him, and he willingly undertook dizzy burdens, which would break lesser men, so as to help Holly, to help his wife, all the way to a dignified end: a loving peaceful passing. RIP Holly.

Tom Huth deserves three medals from President Obama:

1) Caring for Holly for two decades;

2) Writing a book so full of compassion that it will move away a mountain of fears;

3) Smoking cannabis for 40 years.

This book, from its comic to its heart-rending scenes, is American reporting at its best: gripping sourced real-life news.

In America they award the Pulitzer Prize for achievements in literature, news journalism …

Tom Huth’s writing, reporting, observing, and his book Forty Years Stoned, merit the Pulitzer Prize.