That light and lovely movie – Sing Street – is going down like a song with Californian movie audiences this week.

The 1980s coming-of-age film is about an Irish boy forming a band to win the heart of beautiful 16-year-old ‘model’ who lives opposite his rough (prison-like) Dublin school.

Sing Street, starring new-talent Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, is loosely based on the teenage lifetimes of director John Carney, who has yet again made another remarkable film.

The love story of Sing Street is charming. And what great original songs. You will love The Riddle Of The Model: “She’s standing on the corner like an angel in disguise. And as I little closer she’s got dangerous eyes. She tells me she’s a model of international reputation, she’s lightning in a bottle but there’s a stipulation. She’s so indecipherable. She holds the key to the missing code. Just the thought of her touch my mind explodes. So desirable, time never will unfold. Oh, oh, oh, the riddle of the model.”