Short Story Success

A John Life story has been selected among works to protect our Earth in a Canadian short story contest on climate change.

John’s story Armistice tells the tale of the return after one hundred years of the white-tailed sea eagles and their struggles with nature and humankind to survive.

The contest results are at

Congratulations to overall winner Robert Prassor.

All the writers were praised by Mary Woobury (of for “doing wonderful things in the area of climate change and overall sustainability on this planet we’re together on.”

The contest page and discussions of this genre are at the Google+ community at

September 27 is 100,000 Poets (and other artists/authors) for Change – an annual event happening in hundreds of cities simultaneously.

The Vancouver event in 2014 combines British Columbia authors with those around the world, all writing creative pieces about climate change. This creative presentation includes short stories, photos, poems, and music. presents the results of the climate change short story contest, in collaboration with 100,000 Poets for Change, Vancouver, September 27, 2014, at:


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