Save The Bees – from chemical company research

The British government wants the fox to guard the chicken house … well they want the chemical companies to research into the plight of bees.

Pollinators, vital for fertilizing food crops across the globe, are in decline due to loss of habitat, disease and pesticide use.

Pesticides are now killing birds as well as bees.

The UK government wants the research into the boosting of pollinators to be funded by the chemical companies, which are accused of wiping out the bees.

Millions of people have supported a ban on some insecticides linked with serious harm to bees … but the British government has tried to block an EU-wide ban on these insecticides.

They want the corporations to support the research funding, a bit like letting the fox guard the hens.

“Pollinator decline is now the number one environmental concern with the public,” said Matt Shardlow, at campaign group Buglife.

There is an overall pollinator decline, in Honeybees, and other bees, and even in invertebrates that are not pollinators.

Some blame the corruption of all aspect of life by corporate vested interests and that this is just more corrupted science.

The people need independent research because those in charge seem to care only about money, and if they continue unchecked they could destroy everything.


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