JOHN WILEY reports:

“Just got back from flying over the fire, and it looks really good. Downloading pix as I type this, and will send them within the hour. In a nutshell, they have a good line around nearly all of the fire and the Eastern edge looks great. Maybe half a dozen spot fires, and most they’re letting burn to clear out the inside of the perimeter. The only one they were working while I was up was on the North edge (both DC-10 and a smaller fixed wing did Phoschek drops), well away from the NE corner. To me town looks completely safe and as a non-professional (non-responsible) observer I’d call it contained unless we had a freak wind event. Sure looks hot there though, even without the fire the air temp was at least 85F and on the ground probably over 100. Gotta hand it to these crews, both air and ground!”