Only 30 out of thousands of Danish and Swedish tourists have donated clothes and blankets for migrants on the Mediterranean islands they holiday on this summer.

The Scandinavians have been asked to check in an extra bag of unwanted clothes, but less than 30 are believed to have taken up the offer.

Nordic tour operators including Ving and Spies have emailed thousands of customers scheduled to take charter flights operated by Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia from Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport and Copenhagen Airport since June.

The tourists have been offered the chance to pack a box or unwanted bag weighing up to 20 kilos, containing clothes, blankets or toys they no longer need. The idea is that their donations will then be passed on to some of the thousands of migrants crossing the Mediterranean sea and arriving on the Greek islands of Kos and Lesvos, which are also hotspots for holidaymakers.

But a spokesperson for Ving said that only “less than 10 people” from Sweden had taken the opportunity to make a donation over the past six weeks, despite the firm sending out 1500 messages to Swedish passengers.

The Danish newspaper BT suggested that around 20 passengers flying out of Copenhagen had put extra bags on to Thomas Cook flights and Ving said that “about 20” other people had booked to take extra luggage to Lesvos on a flight leaving the Danish capital last Sunday.


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