Property Board Awards €4,000 To Squatter Of Widow’s Cottage

Declan White was ordered by the Irish property Board to pay €4,000 to a man squatting an elderly window’s cottage.

The Private Residential Tenancy Board (PRTB) ordered Declan White to pay Annie Collins €4,000 because he repossessed his home from rent-defaulter Collins who was rolling in money

Her Limerick solicitor confirmed that his client Annie Collins had €83,324.12 cash when she refused to pay her rent.

Annie Collins and Stewart Barrett squatted our house in Co Clare, with an unlicensed gun, refused to pay rent, wrecked the charming house, and contrived with official Ireland to allow perjury float in Killaloe District Court in 2011.

Barrett told the court that he saw Declan White’s hands around Annie Collins’ neck pushing her up against the wall.

And that Declan White had kicked Barrett’s son out the door.

I contended that these are: Lies. Perjury.

But Barrett’s lies made headlines in Ireland.

And reverberated across the world.

Foreign clients left me.

Sources dried up.

Irish and UK media would not return my calls.

My US customers acted as if they had never heard of me.

My 45-year career in journalism was over.

Fell off a cliff.

Well, I was falling out of love with Irish journalism when my last editor sacked me because I refused to write lies about a colorful Dublin businessman.

I didn’t want to wake up in the morning to face my children knowing I was going into a newsroom to purposefully follow orders to write lies about people.

I had to tell the wife and kids, I got fired, sorry we are poor, again.

We just fell from €1,750 a week to €170 a week on welfare.

About January 10th, 2016, I got a message that Collins and Barrett were taking a case against me before a PRTB Adjudication on January 25, in Limerick.

I was over 8,000 kms away.

I couldn’t afford to drop everything to go back to Limerick.

I asked about an adjournment. To be given time to mount a defense.

The PRTB was not accommodating. They wouldn’t give a postponement.

They went ahead with the Adjudication on January 25.

The PRTB ordered me to pay €4,000 each to Barrett and Collins.

I was ordered to pay €8,000 to two destructives who had wrecked our house.

Causing the guts of €20,000 damages and loss.

However, the 2016 Adjudication had heard a very different story from Barrett and Collins than what Barrett had told the Killaloe District Court in 2011: that Declan White had assaulted his son.

Barrett now told the Adjudication that his:

“son and his ten year old friend were pushed around by one of the men accompanying the landlord”

And as for Declan White assaulting Annie Collins, pushed her up against the wall:

“the respondent landlord’s wife and the other man came in the back door. They pushed the second named applicant (Collins) against the wall.”

Had Barrett & Collins got caught up in trying to keep up with their own stories?

And have they left themselves open to answering accusations of perjury?

Stewart Barrett had either committed perjury in the District Court saying that Declan White assaulted his son OR Stewart Barrett had lied to the PRTB saying it was “one of the men” who pushed his son.

However, after that court case in 2011, my career in Irish journalism finished.

We went broke.

Stoney broke.

Fell into an abyss of debt, and accompanying ill health.

Had to sell our four-generation family home in Dalkey, Co Dublin.

And we had been fighting the bank to hold onto our house in Mountshannon, which so many people have come to love, and enjoy.

Barrett’s perjury meant that we had to emigrate to Arabia, and beyond, trying to find a living wage, someway to feed ourselves.

We suffered in silence.

Meanwhile, Annie Collins organized a boycott of us in Mountshannon. Collins told an old-friend of ours that: “he would not be invited to any more of her parties, and would be off her party guest list if he talked to us.”

Great, we said, this keeps feeble-minded fools away from us.

But it showed Collins’ malevolent intent to cover herself by flinging mud at others, disturbing other lives.

After we repossessed our house (“alleged illegal eviction” PRTB Tribunal’s description) Stewart Barrett went on to squat elderly widow Valerie Flanagan’s cottage in Bodyke, Co Clare.

He stopped paying rent, and services. Barrett wrecked the elderly lady’s retirement cottage.

Destroyed her health.

The PRTB and the Circuit Court ordered Stewart Barrett to vacate. He didn’t. He finally got out one hour ahead of the Sheriff arriving to evict him.

He was squatting the widow’s cottage when he brought the PRTB case against me.

The very PRTB who had told Barrett to vacate the cottage, but he refused, and now he was claiming damages from me before the PRTB.

The PRTB still continued this senseless case against me.

The Tribunal ruled that the case was statue barred.

It was thrown out.

The PRTB should never have brought this case.

They backed a squatter of an elderly lady’s cottage and backed his suing of me for him wrecking of my property.


I have a suspicion, well you have the right to say I am floating in conspiracy theories, and slag me off if you will, but I have an inkling that a deep-rooted malicious element in Irish society set their sights on getting me out of journalism.


Because of the pervert priests stories I had been uncovering….

This all goes back to when I was employed as a freelance reporter with UTV’s ground-breaking documentary about notorious child abuser Fr Brendan Smyth.

His Catholic Church bosses had moved Smyth from parish to parish to avoid Northern Ireland’s police arresting him.

Of course, every parish he went to he raped and abused Catholic kiddies.

UTV could not find a reporter in the Republic of Ireland to doorstep Fr Smyth’s boss.

To ask why he had allowed this man to move around the Republic when the police in Northern Ireland were looking for him?

When Ireland’s greatest reporter, Chris Moore, asked me to help, I jumped at the assignment.

The bishop slammed the door in my face.

It looked good on TV.

That mighty-mountain of an investigative reporter Chris Moore had revealed in the UTV programme: a great filth floundering in the Catholic Church, Irish society and the Irish body politic.

The Republic’s government fell.

In those early-lonely and sometimes-scary days there were no Joe Duffy’s or big RTE TV stars out uncovering the truth about the most evil acts being perpetrated against Irish children by so many foul priests, and others.


In those days (hard to believe it now,) but they were scared of the Church.

I cared more for the children.

And Ann Gitte and I went out of our way to bring those children’s stories to the Irish people.

Working all hours. In some scary scenes. In those days Catholic families were run out if they reported their altar boy son raped by a cleric.

So some stories took a long time to go through trust, tears and type to get onto the pages of history’s truth.

Sometimes night meetings down laneways so no one would see.

We worked mainly for the UK and US media.

Chris Moore and ourselves were the first people to believe these victims.

The moment they spoke you believed them.

When they told me their stories, many times, I had to put my notebook down with my crying.

Sometimes I just could not stop crying.

How could… how could…. how could such cruelty be done on wee children?

These had grown to young crippled adults.

With hearts of gold.

Reaching back into unbelievable depths of dark pain.

These were the strongest, and some of the most delicate, survivors on earth.

We were introduced to one softly spoken man, so gentle, yet one so blanketed in his own isolation.

A short time later he committed suicide.

It wasn’t the pains allowed up from his inner deeps that overwhelmed him, but what depressed him beyond any further belief in humans, was that while we believed him, others didn’t.

Many people at that time could not believe that the Church had been so manged with these monsters in priest’s clothing.

More and more of the survivors got in touch. Arranged interviews.

We travelled from Co Clare, all over Ireland, North and South, meeting survivors, telling their horror-stories.

Parents of victims would get in touch me, because so few in Ireland would listen to them; nobody would believe them.

Our main customer for these stories was an English Sunday tabloid. Circulation shot up. Truth at last was coming out. The Irish had an appetite for it.

The Irish papers and RTE wouldn’t go near this, until the UK media scooped them so regularly that they shamed RTE and the Irish newspapers into go doing their job.

One day I got a chilling phone call.

The man, a Dublin editor, with pull and power, phoned me at my home.

He said that not just the Hierarchy, but each individual Irish bishop, will sue me (some 28 or 30 High Court writs), and take my Co Clare home off me, if I do not instantly stop reporting pervert priest stories.

I told him to tell the Hierarchy to FO.

Ann Gitte asked did the Catholic Church want three more children on the side of the road?

We continued working. How could you let these survivors down.

We got trouble, spat on by one Irish journalist, and another news executive said they’d spike any copy from me, because of a story we had uncovered about Cardinal Sean Brady.

Though we lived in Clare we spent a great deal of time in Northern Ireland and Dublin, even trips to the UK to meet victims.

We had uncovered something that truly shocked us.

There is a secret organization within the Catholic Church that not only runs the Irish Church but also the Republic.

Cardinal Sean Brady was prominent in that shadowy organization that ran in those days many governing levers of Ireland: schools, health, hospitals, civil service, gardai…

Cardinal Brady answered to this shadowy-rulership, and when he was 35 he was part of a sinister hit-team sent to cover-up the monstrous sexual abuses of children by Fr Brendan Smyth.

At least one of the little altar boys told Brady that Smyth had abused him. Cardinal Brady never told the cops.

Instead, back in 1975, Cardinal Brady gagged the little boys in Northern Ireland.

He frightened the life out of them with scares of hell, swore them to secrecy, stopped them telling the cops about pervert Fr Smith abusing them.

It was all about saving the name of the Church; otherwise, if the truth were allowed out it would ruin the reputation of the Catholic Church and its power would dissolve.

Cardinal Brady and these shadowy men never gave a care for the children.

Not a thought about the little one’s safety or welfare.

No, they let that Beast loose on the South, and he rape children in the Republic of Ireland.

Smyth rampaged and raped for four or five decades.

From our home in Moutshannon we faxed the Vatican.

Sent faxes addressed to Cardinal Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger.

Telling him of what Fr Brendan Smyth was doing to Irish children.

Asking Cardinal Ratzinger what was he, the future Pope Benedict XVI, doing to stop this abuse of Irish children.

We phoned the Vatican. But Cardinal Ratzinger would not talk to us. Called again. He wasn’t there. Made many calls. Never got him.

We told his assistant that we had sent the faxes from Ireland.

He confirmed they had received them.

So the former Pope was told of Fr Brendan Smyth raping Irish children.

So what did the Pope-to-be do?

Did he send Opus Dei after us?

Maybe you think it is just conspiracy theory, but, the threat delivered by this Dublin editor was serious intimidation from someone who saw himself as a player on the Irish socio-political stage, playing out his role as one of our agenda-setting rulers, yet, in my opinion, he was creepy and hadn’t the intellect of an otter.

We met Karl Brophy – a much-connected high-flier Dublin PR/lobbyist, former political correspondent, former senior management in Irish biggest newspaper group, and now a well-known consultant.

Karl told us that the man threatening to take our home off us on behalf of the Irish Hierarchy is a member of Opus Dei.

He is well connected.

He once was a close adviser to an Irish Taoiseach. (prime minister).

A high-up powerful fellow.




Long road….

Right now, I wish that the people in Ireland know the truth of what happened in Co Clare.

I did not attack Annie Collins.

Strangle her?

Surely, I would have been up on an attempted murder, or grievous bodily harm, charges.

Kick a child?

Surely that merits the prosecution of the most serious charges that the Irish criminal code has in its armory.

The Clare police did not prosecute me on any child charge.

They knew it would not stick.

The cops in Clare threw the lowest criminal infringement on me.


To criminalize me.

And that takes me out of journalism.

In 2011 I pleaded guilty.

To get out from under a pile of corruption.

Also, I had a warning that something behind the Irish judicial system was working to possibly imprison me…

I was warned that I would not come out of an Irish prison alive.

Also a mother of a clerical victim warned me, told me that a friend who tried to help them before Brendan Smyth blew up on TV, died mysteriously.

In my opinion Collins and Barrett unwittingly or in full knowledge have taken part in a miscarriage of justice against me.

It could be contented that Barrett’s PRTB v District Court testimonies are perjury and the case against me should be dismissed, because it was built mainly on Barrett’s evidence, which is polluted with perjury.

The conviction against me should be dropped, and that my good name be given back to me.

Barrett is a serial property abuser who has vandalized other people’s Irish properties for some sixty years.

Collins was his partner when Barrett convinced his 90-year-old mother to cut his sister out of her will, and he moved in with the mother, who died some months later, and Barrett got the house. Sold it.

Stewart Barrett then squandered €520,000 in the following four years, mainly gambling, drinking and high living, but he refused to pay his rent.

Annie Collins had €83,324.12 cash and refused to pay her rent.

That’s over €600,000.

But they refused to pay.

Hey, they had the Irish cops on their side.

The cops conveniently forgot about not answering Barrett’s letters to them six years before about his illegal weapon and ammunition he had in the house.

He had used it to kill a dog, shooting it several times because Barrett was so drunk he couldn’t aim.

The weapon had a silencer. And a scope.

Barrett had ammunition stashed in the bathroom, bedroom, pantry and kitchen presses.

The State’s case against Declan White was significantly built on Barrett’s flawed prejudiced lying words.

And I’d like the case against me dropped, squashed, if anyone knows how to do it?


Ann Gitte and I would like our public life back…

Our public life has cheered up so many people, and we have enjoyed the benefits from our public interactions … the only downside was: happy hangovers.


I am trying to win my name / reputation back. For all it’s worth?

Like, I’m trying to get my life back again as a writer, for publishers. If my writing is worth anything?


We Faxed Him about Horrors ..He Ignored Us – Sunday Mirror (London …

SUNDAY MIRROR March 21, 2010


THE POPE knew about the Irish clerical abuse scandal 15 YEARS ago – because the Irish Sunday Mirror told him about it.

A series of faxes about the sex scandal that has rocked the Church in Ireland were sent direct to then Cardinal Ratzinger quizzing him about it after a string of phone calls to his office were ignored.

Ratzinger – then known as Pope John Paul II’s “enforcer” – was sent three faxes to ask him what the Vatican planned to do about the Church’s cover-up of paedophiles in the mid 90s.

But he IGNORED the faxes and no answers were ever given. Instead a sinister message was passed on to Sunday Mirror reporter Declan White warning him off.


Thu, Mar 18, 2010, 00:00

Pamela Duncan


CANONICAL INQUIRY:THE IRISH Bishops’ Conference yesterday distributed a press release drawing attention to an article published 13 years ago, in which the current controversy surrounding Cardinal Seán Brady was first reported.

The story, which appeared in the London edition of the Sunday Mirror on August 10th, 1997, ran under the headline Archbishop Brady knew about evil Smyth for 22 years; The story that will shock Ireland.

The opening line of the article, by journalist Declan White, reported that archbishop Seán Brady, helped investigate “sex abuse monster” Fr Brendan Smyth.

“He was part of a secret tribunal which failed to notify the police after an altar boy told how pervert priest Smyth had abused him,” it said. It went on to mention one child who Cardinal Brady interviewed about allegations of sexual abuse perpetrated by Smyth in 1975, quoting the man, who they reported lived in England at the time of publication….


From Wikipedia:

In 2010, Daly’s successor as Roman Catholic Archbishop of Armagh, Cardinal Seán Brady, faced “huge pressure to resign” after he admitted that in 1975 he witnessed two teenage boys sign oaths of silence after testifying in a Church inquiry against Smyth. Survivors groups saw this as evidence of collusion, but Brady said he “did not have the authority” to turn Smyth in.[11] On 17 March 2010, the Deputy First Minister for Northern Ireland, Martin McGuinness, called for Brady to resign.[12]



From Wikipedia:

This led to the collapse of the Fianna Fáil–Labour Party coalition government when the poor handling of an extradition request from the RUC by the Irish Attorney General‘s office led to a further delay of Smyth’s trial. An award-winning UTV Counterpoint programme on the scandal by journalist Chris Moore, followed by a book, accused the head of the Norbertines and the Archbishop of Armagh of mishandling the case, and the Norbertines of negligence and a failure to tell others of Smyth’s crimes, enabling Smyth to sexually abuse large numbers of children for 40 years.






A Limerick solicitor confirmed that his client Annie Collins had €83,324.12 cash when she refused to pay her rent.

Her solicitor has stated that was “the exact amount, to the cent”.

Collins had the mega-cash deposit in a bank five miles away.

But she continually refused to pay rent, claiming she had no money to pay for the rent of a property in Mountshannon, Co Clare.

Collins, 51-years-old and originally from Co Kildare, is now living in someone else property in Whitegate, Co Clare.

According to a submission to the PRTB Tribunal, held in Limerick on April 4th last, Collins had refused many times to pay her rent when she was asked to.

The landlord had to travel countless times to Co Clare to plead with Annie Collins to pay her rent.

But every time Collins refused.

Claiming she had no money.

But the truth is now out.

Collins had over €83,000 cash in a bank in nearby Scarriff.

That came to light when her estranged partner, Stewart Barrett, posted Collins’ monthly bank account statement to the landlord.

And that fact finally surfaced into the public domain when Collins engaged a Limerick solicitor.

She has made numerous attempts to get money out of the landlord, and a PRTB Adjudication had awarded her €4,000, which the landlord was to pay her.

The landlord was irritated that Collins could get away with having so much money, living the highlife, and not paying her rent.

He appealed to the Tribunal.

Collins then hired and paid for a solicitor (fees are about €600 for a PRTB hearing).

The solicitor engaged by Collins confirmed to the PRTB Tribunal that Collins did in fact have big bucks in a bank at the time she refused to pay her rent, and her rent arrears.

Her solicitor, Gerard Meehan, brought Collins bank account to the Tribunal’s attention.

The landlord submitted to the Tribunal that Collins had €83,324.12 cash when she refused to pay.

Solicitor Meehan told the Tribunal that the €83,324.12 was “the exact amount, to the cent, in my client’s bank account”.