July 4th breakfast with Veronique Chevalier – V for short – was a hoot at Montecito Fire Brigade.

Sparkling fire machines, and a gleaming-clean fire station, greeted Montecito’s finest citizens, out early showing support for America, with a breakfast of scrabbled eggs and sausage… and, of course, coffee.

The Montecito Firefighter’s Association held their 21st Annual 4th of July Pancake Breakfast at the department’s San Ysidro Road headquarters’

Proceeds from the benefit go to the Montecito Firefighter’s Benevolent Fund, a nonprofit organization that provides relief for firefighters who are injured in the line of duty and establishes scholarships for children.

Pancakes and syrup with Steampunk favorite Veronique – V for short – turned into an extra delight.

V was born in France, travelled the globe with her father’s job, and she is a trained classical ballet dancer, and an award-winning American mistress of ceremonies, and a comedienne, and a stage star, and… phew, V is a ball of electricity… even when she is sitting eating breakfast.

V is living such a full life, spending the last two decades about Los Angeles.

But now she is graduating to the slower more inspirational life offered by the rustic fresh air of Montecito.

She mostly spends her time in these lovely Eden lands of Southern California, far from the city smog, one hundred miles away.

No doubt singer-songwriter V finds inspiration as the marine mists dissolve about Santa Barbara.

Her musician’s soul must soar here as the dissolving mists reveal a roll of Californian green beauty.

The cabaret artist in V must thrill as she views the sandstone-mountains and sylvan foothills reaching down to the blue Pacific and it’s palm tree beaches.

This is a land turned to Eden where early bird Lamborghinis and Porsches curve down foothills from paradise ranches, suburban castles and Victorian mansions under oaks and jacarandas, to flow down quaint tree-lined streets of red tile roofs, carefully tended gardens festooned with flowers, and faultlessly-kept Spanish Colonial style buildings.

V is on:


Wikipedia states about Veronique Chevalier ….


Like many in the Steampunk community, Chevalier has assumed a “stage persona” and created a backstory for it:

Mademoiselle Veronique Marie Therese Antoinette de Chevalier … is reputed to be the long-lost “illegitimate” grand daughter of Maurice Chevalier, as well as the former Etoile (Prima Ballerina Assoluta) for Les Ballets de la Salle de Bain de Paris. Her career was cut short while the company was on the Tehachapi leg of their most recent US tour, when she took a tumble into the orchestra pit during her solo, due to a sudden blackout, caused by a drunken cowboy shooting out the headlights of the pickup truck that served as the stage lighting.[1]

After she came to, some weeks later, she had lost all memory of ever having danced, as well as having also forgotten her native French tongue. She can now only speak in—what is considered by all who hear it—her own charming version of accented English.[16]