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Dear Pope Francis,

We have great admiration for you. We see you are a light in this world. And you truly deserve admiration for being a representative of God. Please can you tell us: Do you condone attempts to take our home off us in Ireland because we refused to stop doing our job – reporting pedophile priests molesting American and Irish children?

Holy Father, can you call off Catholic revenge against us?

Please, can you explain why your predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, never answered our faxes or phone calls in the 1990s, yet he, and the Catholic Church, allowed Fr Brenda Smith to molest children in America, Ireland, Italy and Wales?

Will Pope Benedict give an explanation to the Irish people, and to the parents of the hundreds of children abused by Fr Smyth?

Did Pope Benedict and Cardinal Sean Brady, and the Irish Hierarchy, send Catholic ‘soldiers’ after us?

Why did the Irish Hierarchy allow threats be made against us to take our home off us in County Clare, Ireland?

We were only doing our journalistic jobs of reporting news about pedophile priests plaguing Ireland and the US.

The Hierarchy knew of these threats against our home.

They were published in the newspaper, Sunday Mirror, we worked for.

Your Irish Church did not deny these threats.

But, instead, used our news story about Cardinal Brady in their own High Court defense in Dublin in 2010.

Pope Francis, will your Catholic Church leave us alone to enjoy our retirement?

Or do you want us to continue this life of hopping from country-to-country to avoid revenge by Catholic ‘soldiers’?

Pope Francis, will you call the Catholic Church off, and give us peace?

Below is our story.

We greatly look forward to your reply, and as we are still avoiding Catholic hitmen, the best way you can contact us is by email.

Yours sincerely,

Ann Gitte Orbaek and Declan White




POPE FRANCIS has been asked to stop the Catholic Church persecuting a husband and wife news-team whose work exposed pedophile priests.

The news-couple hope the Pope will investigate why his predecessor, retired Pope Benedict XVI, did not stop a notorious priest from raping and sexual abusing hundreds of children – including Americans.

Ireland’s most notorious pedophile priest Fr Brendan Smyth sexually abused and indecently assaulted children in the United States.

Roman Catholic officials frequently hid Fr Smyth from the police.

But when his infamy was finally exposed in a TV documentary, which the news-couple worked on, the resulting controversy caused the collapse of the Irish government.

Danish photographer, Ann Gitte Orbaek, and her husband Irish journalist, Declan White, claim that they had faxed Pope Benedict about the pervert priest.

Instead of saving the children, the journalists say the Catholic Church turned on them and tried to take their home off them in Ireland.

Journalist Declan White claims he has been criminalized because of his reporting of pedophile priests, and he has had to leave his native Ireland.

He now asks Pope Francis to question former Pope Benedict XVI, who retired for health reasons in 2013 but is still in relative health for an 89-year-old, and is living in the Vatican.

The news-couple claim that in the 1990s they faxed from their rural home in Mountshannon, County Clare to the then Cardinal Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, asking why the Catholic Church had protected Ireland’s most infamous child molester?

But they received no reply from Hungarian-born Cardinal Ratzinger, who was elevated to the papacy in 2005.

He was appointed in 1981 prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – previously known and feared as the Inquisition.

Cardinal Ratzinger had control of these errant priests. He knew what was going on with these depraved clerics. His official job was to defend Catholic doctrine.

But the journalists claim that he and the Catholic Church sacrificed hundreds of children, including American children, in order to save the reputation of the Roman Church.

Before he became Pope, in 1993 Cardinal Ratzinger told Time magazine that when he was in the regular German military, and stationed near Hungary, he saw Hungarian Jews being sent to death camps.

He also offered a Trumpian excuse that he never fought against American troops and Allied forces because a finger infection had kept him from learning to shoot.

Maybe that same finger stopped him from replying about the pedophile priest to the husband and wife news-team.

They are now hoping to live permanently in the United States, and they have engaged a lawyer about US residence and buying a home in Santa Barbara, if the Catholic Church will leave them alone, and stop persecuting them for simply doing their jobs.

Pedophile priest Brendan Smyth, who died aged-70 in prison in Ireland in 1997, admitted to having potentially abused more than 200 children.

The real numbers could be in the thousands.

Fr Smyth sexually abused children in Rhode Island and North Dakota.

He could have molested more children in Boston where the Catholic Church sent him.

He abused children in America, Italy, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Wales over four to five decades … and the Roman Church protected him.

The couple, whose eldest son is a post doc researcher in MIT, Cambridge, MA, now seeks peace in their golden years from the revenge-hounding of them by the Catholic Church.

Ann Gitte, 60, and Declan White, 65, believe a deep-rooted malicious element in Irish society set their sights on getting them out of journalism, because of the pervert priests stories they had been uncovering.

Declan was employed as a freelance reporter with Ulster television’s ground-breaking documentary that first exposed Fr Smyth.

His Catholic Church bosses had moved Smyth from parish to parish to avoid Northern Ireland police arresting him.

Every parish he went to he raped and abused more Catholic kiddies.

Ulster television, based in Belfast, could not find a reporter in the Republic of Ireland to doorstep Fr Smyth’s boss.

No journalist would ask the bishop, and the Vatican, why they had allowed Fr Smith to move around the Republic when the police in Northern Ireland were looking for him?

When Ireland’s greatest reporter, Chris Moore, asked father-of-three Declan White to help, he immediately took the assignment.

The bishop slammed the door in Declan White’s face.

It looked good on TV, Declan’s mother said.

Investigative reporter Chris Moore revealed in the award-winning UTV Counterpoint documentary: a great filth floundering in the Catholic Church, in Irish society and in the Irish body politic.

Fr Smyth had fled Northern Ireland in 1991, after his arrest by the RUC, to the Republic with the help of the Church.

He spent the next three years on the run, hiding out in Catholic abbeys, monasteries, schools and properties, until reporter Chris Moore tracked him down.

RUC extradition requests fell on deaf ears in Dublin. The extradition was bungled by delays. And blighted by poor handling in the Irish Attorney General’s office, which informed sources believe was infiltrated by Opus Dei operatives.

When UTV broadcast its investigation, the Republic’s government in Dublin fell. In 1994 the Fianna Fail – Labour coalition cabinet collapsed from the Fr Smyth scandal, mainly because politicians could not control the secret Catholic agents, working inside ‘official’ Ireland, who had helped to hide the Beast.

It was dangerous to report these pedophile priest stories. In those early-lonely, and sometimes-scary days, there were no big Dublin TV stars or print media journalists risking their safety to uncover the truth about the most evil acts being perpetrated against Irish and American children by so many foul priests.

In those days (hard to believe it now) but the Irish were scared of the Church.

Declan White cared more for the children.

Ann Gitte Orbaek, his partner and wife, joined him and they went out of their way to bring those children’s stories to the Irish people.

The couple, who celebrated 40 years together in March, worked all hours, and sometimes in scary scenes, so the abused children could have a voice.

In those days Catholic families were run out of their homes if they reported that their altar boy son was molested by a cleric.

So some stories took a long time to go through trust, tears and type to get onto the pages of history.

Sometimes the news-couple had late night meetings, down laneways, so no one would see – staying away from Irish squinting widows, and doubling-back on the roads to make sure they were not being followed.

The couple worked mainly for the UK media.

Chris Moore and themselves were the first folk to believe these victims.

“The moment they spoke you believed them,” said Declan White. “When the victims told me their stories, many times, I had to put my notebook down with my crying.

“Sometimes I just could not stop crying.

“I couldn’t see the words with my tears.

“How could… how could…. how could such cruelty be done on wee children?

“I loved my three children. And had great fun with them growing up. The best time in my life. Family is what life on Earth is about. A happy innocent child is Heaven on earth.

“But these poor victims were living a hell on earth. They had grown to crippled adults. With hearts of gold. Reaching back into unbelievable depths of dark pain.

“These were the strongest, and some of the most delicate, survivors on Earth.

“We were introduced to one softly spoken man, so gentle, yet one so blanketed in his own isolation.

“A short time later he committed suicide.

“It wasn’t the pain allowed up from his inner deeps that overwhelmed him, but what depressed him beyond any further belief in humans, was that while we believed him, others didn’t.

“Many people at that time just could not believe that the Catholic Church had been so manged with these monsters in priest’s clothing.

“More and more of the survivors got in touch with us. We arranged interviews.”

The couple travelled from their charming home, nestling in a rustic picture-postcard paradise along the banks of the River Shannon.

They drove all over Ireland. North and South. And to the UK. Meeting survivors. Allowing them to tell their horror-stories.

Parents of victims would get in touch with Ann Gitte and Declan, because so few in Ireland would listen to them; nobody would believe the victims.

Many abuse-victims trusted them because they were a female and male news-team.

Survivors were more relaxed and open when they met Ann Gitte, known as the most honest woman in Ireland.

She has a compassion that is instantly trustable. They felt safe in her company.

The couple’s main customers for these stories were UK TV stations and an English Sunday tabloid.

Circulation shot up. Truth at last was coming out. And the Irish had an appetite for it.

The Irish newspapers and RTE, the national TV and radio broadcaster, would not go near these stories – until the UK media scooped them so much and so regularly that they shamed RTE and the Irish media into doing their job.

When Chris Moore and Declan White had opened the door, then Dublin-based journalist found the courage to go interview the survivors – too many victims were already dead from suicide.

“One day I got a chilling phone call,” explains Declan White.

“The man, a Dublin editor, with pull and power, phoned me at my home in Co Clare.

“He said that not just the Hierarchy, but each individual Irish bishop, will sue me, some 28 or 30 High Court writs, and take my Co Clare home off me, if I do not instantly stop reporting pervert priest stories.

“I told him to tell the Hierarchy to FO.

“My wife backed my outburst. Ours is a mixed-marriage, Catholic with Protestant, built on love, not religious dogma, but living in the Light of God.”

Ann Gitte asked: did the Catholic Church want three more children thrown out on the side of the road?

She got her camera. And prepared for the next story.

The Irish bishops again found themselves up against a Viking.

But this time the Viking-woman is guided by honesty in everything she does, while the bishops scudded away from rightfulness into the dark corners of secrecy, hiding behind walls of expensive lawyers.

The couple continued working. Ann Gitte said: “I could not let these survivors down. Ireland, the Catholic Church, the police, the authorities, the Irish government, had abandoned these abused children.

“I am Danish. I have lived a beautiful childhood. My parents were truly wonderful, wonderful. They gave us five children happiness, and a chance of personal achievement.

“I never came across such brutality in Denmark. I was so shocked that in Ireland such appalling acts were being carried out on little children, by priests, and the Catholic Church was doing nothing to save the little ones.”

Then the couple uncovered a scandal by Cardinal Sean Brady, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Armagh, and the leader of the Church in all Ireland.

Declan White says one Irish journalist spat on him, and another news executive said they’d spike all copy from him, because they would not believe that the story was true.

“We had uncovered something that truly shocked us,” said Declan White. “There is a secret organization within the Catholic Church that not only runs the Irish Church but also the Republic.

“Cardinal Sean Brady was prominent in that shadowy organization. That subversive mafia ran in those days many parts of the governing of Ireland: schools, hospitals, civil service, police, prisons…

“Cardinal Brady answered to this shadowy-rulership. When he was 35, and a highly educated mature man, he was part of a sinister hit-team. They were sent to cover-up the monstrous sexual abuses of children by Fr Brendan Smyth.

“This squad was so reminiscent of the infamous medieval Inquisition, which carried out mass-murders and burned women at the stake, to combat heresy.

“At least one of the little altar boys told Cardinal Brady that Fr Smyth had abused him.

“But Cardinal Brady never told the cops. He never acted after the fact. Instead, Brady entered criminalcraft. He knew what he was doing was criminal. He was too highly educated not to know. He did not protect the kiddies. Of course, no law officer in Ireland has had the courage to prosecute Brady.

“Nor does Brady have the courage of Christ to offer himself up public trial… and so save his soul.

“Back in 1975, Cardinal Brady gagged the little boys in Northern Ireland.

“He frightened the life out of them with scares of hell. He swore them to secrecy. He stopped the children telling the police about pervert Fr Smith abusing them.

“It was all about saving the name of the Church; otherwise, if the truth were allowed out they feared it would ruin the reputation of the Catholic Church, and its power would dissolve.

“Cardinal Brady and these shadowy evil men never gave a care for the children.

“Not a thought about the little one’s safety or welfare.

“No, instead they let that Beast loose on the South, and he rape children in the Republic of Ireland.

“Fr Smyth rampaged and raped for four to five decades. He raped children in America, Europe, the UK and Ireland.

“We were appalled. We tried to stop it. From our home in Co Clare we faxed the Vatican. We sent faxes addressed to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

“Cardinal Ratzinger was the enforcer for the Catholic Church at that time.

“We told him of what Fr Smyth was doing to Irish children.

“We asked Cardinal Ratzinger what had he, the future Pope Benedict XVI, done to stop this abuse of Irish children.

“We phoned the Vatican. But Cardinal Ratzinger would not talk to us. We called again. He wasn’t there. We made many calls. Never got him.

“We told his assistant that we had repeatedly sent the faxes from our home in Co Clare, Ireland. He confirmed they had received them.

“So the former Pope was told of Fr Brendan Smyth raping Irish children. So what did the Pope-to-be do?

“Did he send ‘soldiers’ from Opus Dei after us?

“Maybe people might wonder is this just another conspiracy theory?

“However, the threat delivered by this Dublin editor was serious intimidation from someone who saw himself as a player on the Irish socio-political stage, playing out his role as one of our agenda-setting rulers.

“In my opinion, the editor smelt of BO, was a creepy creature, who hadn’t the intellect of an otter. Maybe that’s why he was promoted to power.

“We met Karl Brophy – a much-connected high-flier Dublin PR/lobbyist, former political correspondent, former senior management in Ireland’s biggest newspaper group, and now a well-known consultant.

“He told us that the man threatening to take our home off us on behalf of the Irish Hierarchy is a member of Opus Dei.

“This editor is well connected. He once was a close adviser to an Irish Taoiseach. (prime minister). A high-up powerful fellow. Dangerous. Litigious.

“I believe retired Pope Benedict must answer to this. He dodged it in the 1990s. He is still alive. He should answer how he and his Church hid Fr Smith, and allowed that Beast to abuse American and European children.

“Right now, I wish that the people in Ireland to know the truth of what happened in Co Clare.

“I have been criminalized, by secret Catholic forces inside Irish authority, so as to take me out of journalism.

“In 2011, I pleaded guilty to two charges – the lightest in the Irish criminal code. I did it to get out from under a pile of corruption.

“The day after Killaloe District Court fined me €500 and bound me to he peace for one year, I took the plane out of Ireland. To a Protestant country. Feeling I was a religious refugee. I have been travelling since.

“I had been given a warning a few days before the court hearing that something behind the Irish judicial system was working to imprison me. I was forewarned that I would not come out of an Irish prison alive.

“Also, a mother of a clerical victim told me that a friend who tried to help them before Brendan Smyth blew up on TV, died mysteriously. She believed he was murdered by ‘rogue’ elements inside the Irish Catholic Church. She said: ‘Declan, they are also trying to kill you.’

“Remember, Ireland was suffering a 30-year war and Protestant and Catholic bodies were washing up across a troubled landscape.

“I was prosecuted for repossessing my home from ‘wealthy’ squatters who refused to pay rent, yet they had €600,000.

“Stewart Barrett and Annie Collins stopped paying rent, and blankly refused to pay rent on our Co Clare home, which we had rented when we moved to Dublin where I worked as a showbusiness editor and society diarist for an Irish Sunday newspaper.

“Collins and Barrett squatted our house in Co Clare, with an unlicensed gun, refused to pay rent, wrecked the charming property, causing €20,000 damages and loss, and they contrived with official Ireland to allow perjury float in Killaloe District Court in 2011.

“While I contend that Barrett committed perjury, his lies made headlines in Ireland, reverberated across the world, and my career in Irish journalism finished.

“Foreign clients left me. Sources dried up. Irish and UK media would not return my calls. My US customers acted as if they had never heard of me. My 45-year career in journalism was over. Fell off a cliff.

“Well, I was falling out of love with Irish journalism when my last editor sacked me because I refused to write lies about a colorful Dublin businessman.

“I didn’t want to wake up in the morning to face my children knowing I was going into a newsroom to purposefully follow orders to write lies about folk.

“I had to tell Ann Gitte and our lovely children, I got fired, sorry we are poor, again. We fell from earning €1,750 a week to €170 a week on welfare.

“We suffered in silence.

“We went broke. Stony broke. Fell into an abyss of debt, and accompanying ill health. We had to sell our home in Dublin, which had been in my family for four generations. And fought the bank to hold onto our house in Co Clare.

“Barrett’s perjury meant that we had to emigrate to Arabia, and beyond, trying to find a living wage, trying to find someway to feed ourselves.

“Meanwhile, Collins organized a boycott of us in Mountshannon. Collins told an old-friend of ours that: ‘He would not be invited to any more of her parties, and would be off her party guest list if he talked to us.’

“While this kept feeble-minded fools away from us, it showed Collins’ malevolent intent to cover herself by flinging mud at others, disturbing other lives.

“Barrett is a serial property abuser who has vandalized other people’s Irish properties for some sixty years. Collins, 51, was his partner when Barrett convinced his 90-year-old mother to cut his sister out of her will, and he moved in with the mother, who died some months later, and Barrett got the house.

“He sold it. And squandered €520,000 in the following four years, mainly gambling, drinking and high living, but he refused to pay rent to us.

“Collins also refused to pay her rent saying she had no money… however, she had cash in the local bank: €83,324.12.

Her solicitor stated that was “the exact amount, to the cent” when they took a case against me to the Irish property Board (PRTB).

“Barrett had told the District Court that I had tried to strangle Collins, pushed her up against the wall, and that I had kicked their son out the door.

“Lies. Total Lies. I did not attack Collins. Strangle her? Surely, I would have been up on an attempted murder charge or grievous bodily harm charges. Kick a child? Surely that merits the prosecution of the most serious charges that the Irish criminal code has in its armory.

“The Irish police did not prosecute me on any child charge. They knew it would not stick. The cops in Clare threw the lowest criminal infringements at me.

“Barrett, who I believe works as a police informer, him being daily in the bookies office listening to local gossip. Barrett had bent Irish cops on his side. The first cop Barrett called to our property that day had failed his sergeant’s examination 17 times.

“The cops conveniently forgot about not answering Barrett’s letters to them six years before about his illegal firearm and ammunition he had in the house.  He had used the weapon to kill a dog; shooting it several times because Barrett was so drunk he couldn’t take aim. The weapon had a silencer. And a scope.

“Barrett had ammunition stashed in the bathroom, bedroom, pantry and kitchen presses, which we found during a frightening night after he left. The cops had to call four times to collect the illicit ammunition.

“Barrett also had etchings, and books, depicting children in poses and doing sexual acts, which we considered illegal pedophilia material. It was given to the Irish cops. But they did not charge Barrett.

“Collins and Barrett squatted our house with an unlicensed gun, refused to pay rent, wrecked the charming property, and contrived with official Ireland to allow perjury float in Killaloe District Court in 2011.

“The State’s case against me was significantly built on Barrett’s flawed prejudiced lying words.

“I am now involved in legal proceedings in Ireland, which I pray will see these false convictions against me squashed. This started because Collins’ and Barrett’s greed became endless.

“They subsequently took a case to the Irish property Board (PRTB) against Declan White. They demanded €30,000 damages because we put them out.

“But in that hearing they gave evidence that another man, not Declan White, had pushed Collins up against the wall and had roughed up the child. The lying pair’s memory couldn’t keep up with their lies.”

It seems to be a fact of life that, no matter where you go, evil resides beside the good, and evil tries to seep into the good to ruin the purer life.

“Barrett’s PRTB v District Court testimonies are perjury,” said Declan White. “The case against me must be dismissed, because it was built materially on Barrett’s evidence, which is polluted with perjury, and my good name must be given back to me.

“After we repossessed our house Barrett went on to squat a cottage belonging to frail elderly widow Valerie Flanagan in Bodyke, Co Clare – about 10 miles away.

“He stopped paying rent, and services. Barrett wrecked the lady’s retirement cottage. This was her dream: she bought two cottages, one to live in and the other to rent to pay for her retirement from London to the peace of rural Ireland.

“But Barrett destroyed her health. The PRTB and the Circuit Court ordered Barrett to vacate. He refused. She fought him in courts for years, costing her a small fortune, crippling her retirement pot. He finally got out one hour ahead of the Sheriff arriving to evict him.

“Barrett is a serial property abuser who has literally wrecked properties and Irish landlords going back to the 1960s. He even robbed his father, sister and relatives. He got away with all this by thwarting laws that protect nightmare tenants.

“Barrett was squatting the widow’s cottage when he brought the PRTB case against me. And the PRTB officials went willingly along with him.

“The very PRTB who had told Barrett to vacate the widow’s cottage, but he refused, heard his case against me. Finally a Tribunal in April threw out Barrett’s allegations. And Barrett was caught out in his own lies.”

Ann Gitte and Declan would like their public life back… a public life that has cheered up so many people … the only downside being: happy hangovers.

“I do not hate Barrett, Collins, Cardinal Brady, Pope Benedict or even Fr Smyth,” said Ann Gitte. “I pray for them. I wish for all humans to reach Heaven.

“We must be brave if we want to enter Heaven. We must take all that life throws at us, no matter how unfair it is, and then we must pray for our enemies, offering them love.”

The news-couple are trying to win their lives back again as writers.

Since their careers in Irish journalism collapsed they have written three novels and a movie screenplay (not about themselves), and are now involved in financial market trending analysis, and also involved with manufacturing of biotech medicines, and …

They are now waiting on Pope Francis’ reply.




We Faxed Him about Horrors ..He Ignored Us – Sunday Mirror (London …

SUNDAY MIRROR March 21, 2010



THE POPE knew about the Irish clerical abuse scandal 15 YEARS ago – because the Irish Sunday Mirror told him about it.

A series of faxes about the sex scandal that has rocked the Church in Ireland were sent direct to then Cardinal Ratzinger quizzing him about it after a string of phone calls to his office were ignored.

Ratzinger – then known as Pope John Paul II’s “enforcer” – was sent three faxes to ask him what the Vatican planned to do about the Church’s cover-up of paedophiles in the mid 90s.

But he IGNORED the faxes and no answers were ever given. Instead a sinister message was passed on to Sunday Mirror reporter Declan White warning him off.




Thu, Mar 18, 2010, 00:00

Pamela Duncan

CANONICAL INQUIRY:THE IRISH Bishops’ Conference yesterday distributed a press release drawing attention to an article published 13 years ago, in which the current controversy surrounding Cardinal Seán Brady was first reported.

The story, which appeared in the London edition of the Sunday Mirror on August 10th, 1997, ran under the headline Archbishop Brady knew about evil Smyth for 22 years; The story that will shock Ireland.

The opening line of the article, by journalist Declan White, reported that archbishop Seán Brady, helped investigate “sex abuse monster” Fr Brendan Smyth.

“He was part of a secret tribunal which failed to notify the police after an altar boy told how pervert priest Smyth had abused him,” it said. It went on to mention one child who Cardinal Brady interviewed about allegations of sexual abuse perpetrated by Smyth in 1975, quoting the man, who they reported lived in England at the time of publication….



From Wikipedia:

In 2010, Daly’s successor as Roman Catholic Archbishop of Armagh, Cardinal Seán Brady, faced “huge pressure to resign” after he admitted that in 1975 he witnessed two teenage boys sign oaths of silence after testifying in a Church inquiry against Smyth. Survivors groups saw this as evidence of collusion, but Brady said he “did not have the authority” to turn Smyth in.[11] On 17 March 2010, the Deputy First Minister for Northern Ireland, Martin McGuinness, called for Brady to resign.[12]



From Wikipedia:

This led to the collapse of the Fianna Fáil–Labour Party coalition government when the poor handling of an extradition request from the RUC by the Irish Attorney General‘s office led to a further delay of Smyth’s trial. An award-winning UTV Counterpoint programme on the scandal by journalist Chris Moore, followed by a book, accused the head of the Norbertines and the Archbishop of Armagh of mishandling the case, and the Norbertines of negligence and a failure to tell others of Smyth’s crimes, enabling Smyth to sexually abuse large numbers of children for 40 years.