Journalist Declan White’s Horror Writing Makes Your Skin Crawl

A horror thriller screenplay by journalist Declan White has been described as making “your skin crawl”.

Feedback from the Thriller/Suspense Festival in the USA states that Declan’s script HAIRS is gripping horror.

Award winning writer and journalist Declan White’s screenplay has been described as “a thriller that will literally make a viewer’s skin crawl!”

The Festival has stated that Declan’s feature-film screenplay is “a tense and gripping piece that moves quickly and has excellent pacing for an eighty-eight page script.

“Great length for a film, it tingles with actions and actually makes your skin crawl with how distressing certain areas are.

“In regards to gripping horror, you will certainly find an audience.”

This political horror thriller reveals how military, Mafia, politicians and big-pharma are pushing a fiendish GMO concoction on the public, resulting in a scary hairy disease that attacks humanity.


Until, in steps a woman to save the world.

The Feedback stated: “You have a knack for creepy storytelling, you can literally make the reader/viewer ITCH in sympathy with the characters.

“You write flawed dangerous anti-heroes well.

“You know how to build tension.”