Journalist Declan White Shocked By Latest News On The Deaths Of 11 Children And Their Parents

An ill-wind is still blowing through Dalkey after 13 people in the same family were burned to death.

Now 43-years later the mass tragedy is swirling up new controversy.

Journalist Declan White is in shock over the latest allegations about the deaths of his former neighbours.

In 1974 a newsvendor, his wife, and 13 of their children died in a fire in their two-storey home.

Two children survived and one of them wrote a book last year before he died.

He claimed that three men, including a police officer, tried to murder his father on that fatal night.

His allegations that the three men were trying to muscle in on the family cash-rich newspaper delivery business has been strenuously denied by the retired policeman.

He has even gone on national radio in Ireland to deny the claims made against him by one of the two boys who had survived the horrific tragedy.

The garda said that police superiors interviewed him because they said “there was an allegation that me and others broke into the family home, murdered some of them with a pick-axe handle, and burned the bodies. And that I drove one of those left alive around and tried to kill him.”

The policeman said he was so shocked by these allegations that he collapsed. An ambulance was called. But he recovered and did not go to hospital.

However, later he had a stroke.

The boy who made the allegations had emigrated to the UK.

But he died last year.

A solicitor’s firm in Ireland said: “Extremely serious allegations were made by (Mr X) against (a Garda)… when (Mr X) attended a Memorial Mass in Dalkey for his family in 2014 he repeated his allegations to various people.

“Gardaí in recent times (said) that they were seeking to speak with (Mr X) who had made it clear that he wanted some progress made on his allegations. Unfortunately, (Mr X) has now died.”

The cause of the fire had been generally believed to be a tragic accident.