Ibiza Friday 13th – coming soon!
Ibiza 13th

Coming Soon!

IBIZA FRIDAY 13TH is a mind-opening novel set in the 1980s when mum-of-two Ahta turns into a spiritual warrior to save her husband’s life.
Ahta tackles the might of Margaret Thatcher, military mercenaries from the British army, gangsters, and private thugs hired by English high-society.
Ahta repels bloodthirsty terrorism by developing her physic powers and tunes into supernatural learning to strengthen the couple’s long-term love. With her growing spirituality, and her mystic insights, Ahta coaches her man to gain all his Higher Self seeks by learning to let go of everything – even money.
This thriller appeals to new agers, crime fans, romance readers, pro-cannabis legalization supporters, general UK, US and Scandinavian readers, and to the millions of holiday-makers who visit party-island Ibiza, because there is no other novel on the bookshelves quite like IBIZA FRIDAY 13TH.


– Joanna Crosse, Metamedia, Bath, UK. www.metamedia.gb.com

“This is a one off and timely – perfect material for a film or TV series. This ‘pot blockbuster’ has a target market – anyone with an interest in legalising marijuana. There is undoubtedly a campaigning element behind this novel. This book without question could be turned into a great film so I hope the authors have a screenplay up their sleeves! I was struck by the intriguing characters and the plot from Gurus to drug smuggling and banking fiascos not to mention political turmoil. I think the reader will be engaged from start to finish. The pace is fast and furious and although it’s comprehensive in terms of plot and its cast of characters there is almost too much to take in. I love the tone and pace of the book and the humour.
The writing is fun and at times comedic but interesting in terms of content and subject matters. I loved some of the lines like:’In the camper Ahta fuses her energy through her heart chakra, visualizing brilliant light landing on the passport…’ And all the spiritual truths that are woven through the book: ‘Ahta teachers Piper to get into forgiveness. It moves everything forward.’
Of course these are such contemporary themes for our changing world and makes this book so timely. I love the fact that the authors are not imposing their spiritual beliefs on the reader but rather slipping them into the story in a positive way. Lovely descriptive language, great dialogue and really engaging, the storyline and the characters hook you in not to mention the wide-ranging themes. The narrative rolls along, and the story covers an encyclopedic range of subject matters which will help appeal to a wide audience. I certainly wanted to read more.”

– Joanna Crosse, Metamedia, Bath, UK. www.metamedia.gb.com

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