The charming rogue and pure inspiration that was Howard Marks has passed on to higher worlds – where no doubt they are throwing an arrival party for him.

An intelligent fellow who lived a life fully-lived, Howard looked on life with a lovely smile and fast wit.

He was a wiseman, a folk hero, a dare-devil, a writer, an entertainer and a campaigner on the intelligent side of issues.

Howard, aged 70, passed on Sunday 10th April.

This photo shows Howard having a good time with fans at Barcelona’s Spanabis exhibition in 2013.

He had many fans across the globe after he published his best-selling book Mr Nice in 1996, and after he toured campaigning for the legalisation of cannabis.

The Guardian:

“Howard Marks worked in the music industry after appearing on the Super Furry Animals’ 1996 song Hanging with Howard Marks. He ran the record label Bothered and was also a DJ. On screen, Marks had a cameo appearance in Human Traffic, in which he discussed “spliff politics”, and was played by his friend Rhys Ifans in the 2006 film about his life Mr Nice.

He also had a career as a performer, giving talks across Britain about his life as a cannabis smuggler, as well as his drive to see the drug legalised. He also ran a one-man comedy show, An Audience with Mr Nice. He worked as a Loaded columnist for five years.

At the 1997 general election, Marks stood for election in four parliamentary constituencies on the issue of cannabis legalisation and said he later applied to be position of drugs tsar created by the Labour government that subsequently took office. Keith Halliwell “pipped me at the post”, he said.

Brown said the last time he saw Marks was at a lunch in the latter’s honour on St David’s Day last year.

“He always smiled, he was very wise, he had a strong, amusing outlook on life, he always asked how your family were. He was a great man. He’ll be missed by the thousands who were thrilled to have met him.””