The horror movie script HAIRS by Declan White has been selected for the Meters International Film Festival (New York).

The screenplay is about bent politicians and big-pharma unleashing an infections disease on humankind so they can up their profits.

According to the Los Angeles Feedback Film and Screenplay Festivals:

Hairs is a quirky drama that centres on Eve and her husband Paul as they battle a rare skin condition that evolves into out of control hair with a mind of its own that threatens to take over their life, all this while fleeing the henchmen of Eve’s corrupt mayor father. This comes to a head when Eve is kidnapped by her father’s honchos and Eve realises she can control her wayward hair to fight back against her dad and his corrupt group.

“Buried in the wacky story is a great satire of political corruption and the image system used in the film to show the discrepancy between surface and substance works really well. The characters of Mayor Rufus Reefs and his wife Beatrice are a great critique of corruption and deceit in public life and funny with it. The sickly catchphrase “Everything is awesomey awsomey” juxtaposes against the backstabbing and cover-ups of the Mayor and his ilk – this element of the script totally worked for me.”