THE SCREENPLAY HAIRS by Irish journalist Declan White has now won five international awards.

It’s latest win, competing against 20 countries, was at the Amsterdam Film Festival.

Irish reporter Declan White has written to thank the Film Festival for awarding him a Van Gogh prize.

Below is his letter:

Dear Amsterdam Film Festival,

Many, many, many thanks for giving me an award:


Feature Screenplay Competition

First Place: Hairs written by Declan White


Many, many thanks for even reading my script.

Wow … it is so nice that some other human beings spend their valuable time to read my humble work.

Thanks, thank, and thanks again for spending your time in looking at my screenplay.

I have been criticised that I cannot write, that my script Hairs has no genre, that NOBODY speaks its dialogue, that its Action is just not believable, and that I should tear it up and start all over again…

I my real life:

I have been run out of my country, criminalised by the corrupt Garda police force and the Catholic Church’s secret soldiers operating inside official Ireland, so destroying my 40-year career as a journalist and denying me my duty of care towards my family to provide them with an income, I have been slagged off, spat on, attacked, and beaten up because I helped to make the ground-breaking UTV documentary that first exposed the paedophile monster Fr Brendan Smyth, who raped hundreds if not thousands of children in Ireland, the UK, Europe and the USA, and I wrote exclusive newspaper stories exposing the pervert priests in Ireland, I exposed the criminal activity and hypocrisy of Cardinal Sean Brady, the leader of the Roman Church in Ireland, and myself and my wife (working as a news-couple) wrote / faxed in the 1990s to Pope Benedict (then a cardinal in the Vatican) about the monster Fr Brendan Smyth,  and Pope Benedict did not act after the fact, and Benedict did not turn the paedophile cleric(s) into the police… instead Benedict sent his foot-soldiers in Opus Dei and the Knights of Columbanus in Ireland to attack my wife and I, to destroy our lives, so much that we now live in a moslem country.

(more on our website:

So it is so, so, so nice to win an award in Holland – still a wee bastion of freedom, in my humble opinion.


*       First Place Screenwriting Competition at the Amsterdam Film Festival, May 2017

*       Winner Meters Film Festival; New York State, USA: Best Screenplay Feature: 1st Place, April 2017.

*       Winner: Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, 2016.

*       Winner Best Horror Screenplay: Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, July 2016.

*       Winner Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival 2016.

So hopefully someday Hairs may be made into a movie …. well, hope lives eternal in my wee quaint existence … basically my wife and I have been on the run from Opus Dei since 2011 … but we will not give up believing in the Spirit that helps all humankind… you gotta love them, no matter what they do to you…

Thank you again so, so, so much for even bothering to read my little screenplay, which is about humanity being in such grave chemical danger from gangsters, government and big-pharma … until up steps a woman, and she saves us all.

Kindest regards,

Declan White