Justin Trudeau is showing himself to be a true ‘hands on heart’ leader by  living up to his promise of real change … and not just the normal politician saying any old lie to get himself elected.

Canada’s prime minister designate has invited opposition leaders to join him at the Paris climate talks next month.

Mr Trudeau has also invited the great ‘world-leader’ of the enviornmental movement, the fabulous Green Party leader Elizabeth May, to travel to France with the Canadian delegation.

Elizabeth May has hailed Justin Trudeau’s invitation for her to join Ottawa’s delegation at the Paris climate talks, calling Stephen Harper’s nine-year shut-out of opposition leaders “outrageous.”

Elizabeth said that, unlike Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau was someone with a “personal understanding of climate science” that could result in Canada playing a more constructive role at the Conference of Parties (COP) 21 talks starting Nov. 30.

“So far, Justin Trudeau is saying the right things, and his willingness to meet with me to discuss COP-21 was very much appreciated,” Elizabeth said, noting that the incoming prime minister met with her just four days after he won the election.

While Justin’s decision to invite both federal opposition leaders and provincial premiers to join his COP-21 delegation seems revolutionary today, Elizabeth said it used to be standard practice for all prime ministers before Stephen Harper— but that few took notice when the Tory leader began shutting his opponents out of international summits.

“After nine years of Stephen Harper, it looks totally amazing,” said May. “I have not expected anything less from any change in government, because it’s totally outrageous that opposition parties have been excluded from delegations under Stephen Harper.”

Elizabeth May managed to work around Mr Harper’s tactics at past climate conferences by joining other countries’ delegations, tagging along with Papua New Guinea at Durban in 2011 and joining Afghanistan’s team two years later in Warsaw.