Grandmother Dies from her pet dog’s lick


A grandmother died from a rare infection after one of her pet dogs licked her on the hand.

Sheena Kavanagh, 53, went into septic shock after the dog’s saliva entered her bloodstream through a small cut on her hand.

Her spleen, which helps to prevent infection, had been surgically removed in 1988, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

The mother of two was taken to Stafford Hospital where medics suspected she had bacterial meningitis.

She was prescribed antibiotics, but her condition deteriorated and she died the following night.

The inquest, held on Friday, was told that her death was so unexpected doctors were at first unable to pinpoint what had caused it. Clinicians are considering publishing a report on the case because it was so rare.

Cannock Coroner’s Court heard that Ms Kavanagh, from Hilderstone, Staffs, was at risk from the Capnocytophaga canimorsus bacteria as a result of having had her spleen removed.


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