Housemaid, Shanti Rabin, was given a 50-gramme gold coin for travelling on the Dubai Metro.

Rabin, along with 50 other regular users of public transportation, were awarded prizes, including cash, gold coins, smart watches, headphones, laptops and other exciting prizes on Sunday.

As part of the Public Transportation Day celebrations, the Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) of Dubai began a campaign two weeks back, enticing residents to use public transportation more frequently.

Moaza Saeed Al Marri, director – marketing and corporate communications at the RTA, said: “This year’s campaign was built around a points system. For every trip that a registered Nol card user made, they were awarded 50 points.”

Ten first prize winners with over 1,000 points won 50-gramme gold coins; 10 second prize winners with 750 points got a laptop; and the third prize winners with 500 points were given smart watches.

And housemaid Rabin said her winning is “like a blessing from God.

“I got this for travelling in the Metro … This is truly a blessing. I am very excited and happy about this victory,” said 54-year-old Rabin, who has been working as a caretaker for an Arab family in Dubai for the past 22 years.

“I have three children who I single-handedly raised from the income I made from my work in the house … Today, they all have jobs here in Dubai,” said Rabin.

After finishing work at her sponsor’s house in Hor Al Anz, Rabin often travels to different places in the city to meet her friends. She would use the Dubai Metro, buses and other modes of public transportation to reach her destination. The mother of three, who hails from the south Indian city of Tanjaavur, has also adopted a grandchild for one of her daughters.

“In the process of travelling in and around the city, I collected several points on my Nol card,” said Rabin. “I am very grateful to my sponsors who gave me the freedom to travel across the city once I finished my work … I can proudly say that I know the Dubai Metro inside out.”



Winners at yesterday’s award ceremony said they were ecstatic about the win and this would definitely encourage them to use public transportation more regularly.