Yesterday we had a white-tailed sea eagle hunting a few fields in front of our home.
We had noticed that the eagle had been coming up from the long lake and flying over our area for the last three days.
It usually circled, and rising, until it was a dot in the sky, and then jetted off at a fast glide somewhere north…
But yesterday the eagle circled, and then suddenly dropped into the trees – a field or two below us. The eagle came up again about five minutes later. It began some more circling, but when i ran for my camera and returned with it the eagle was gone, either back to the ground to hunt, or back to the long lake, because i could not see the eagle anymore.
There are now four sea eagles nesting on the long lake. One couple is nesting on an island just below us (well 2Kms away), another pair is in a woods to the north. Three juvenile eagles are living on the river to the north of the long lake. This summer we might be seeing six to eight white-tailed sea eagles fishing along the long lake…
Our novel – Dazzle Eagles by John Life – is about the first eagle chicks to be born here in over 100 years: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/dazzle-eagles/id880624346?mt=11


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