Hans Christiania

Hans Christiania 2016 edition

Hans Christiania 2016 edition

A psychopathic billionaire becomes prime minister of Denmark with plans to take over Europe, and declare world war three on China, but the hippie freestate of Christiania stands in the way of this sex mad media tycoon who makes Donald Trump look like a holy monk.
Beautiful Freja visits Christiania in central Copenhagen and falls in love with Hans Christian O’Reilly Andersen. She learns that Hans already has three lovers, so Freja explores the hippie Freetown, and greets his lovers – eco-friendly vegetarian beauties. Freja also meets Hans’ young friends from the Christiania circus, who survive by squatting and dumpster diving; living from what they find in skips and garbage cast offs.
Hans and Freja team up with the circus jesters to battle the misogynist tyrant, who resides in hedonistic opulence. However, the youngsters will not fight him with guns, but with bicycles, clowns and jugglers.
These peaceful anarchists reject careless greed, but can they live up to Christiania’s non-violent ideals when the bully autocrat attempts to demolish their freetown?

Hans Christiania english -all three
Hans Christiania is the third attempt to launch this novel. It first appeared as “Christiania You Won My Heart”, until we realised that we had used the name from the great Danish artist Natashe whose song Christiania, Du Har Mit Hjerte had won millions of hearts before we penned. Sorry Natasha, we still love your song, and love the inspiring documentary by Neils Vest. Our second publishing attempt was made with “Christiania Angel”, the renamed novel – another failure – failed better. As fools’ hope is eternal, we now try a third time to publish our fact to fiction to fairytale, Hans Christiania.



Read what people are saying about Hans Christiania:

Tara Finnegan, Ireland

“This book has everything. Humour, Political intrigue, romance, high ideals, low morals, tension and romance. It’s an excellent parody of a political system and capitalism gone mad. Laugh out loud funny at times but even as you laugh, you see the serious undertones. Brilliant! I loved the scene of the fire juggling, the love Hans feels for Freja is almost otherworldly. Laughed heartily at a lot of the political stuff, but be careful, some of our eminent politicians might want to share the copyright!!! So much of this was familiar, where we all went mad with our capitalism and consumerism. (Hans Christiania) gives you hope that there might be something better out there, I’m not saying we should live out of dumpsters but maybe a little more sharing and caring that is the heart of (Hans Christiania).”

– Tara Finnegan, Ireland

Faith Rose

“Wow, what a ride! You set the stage well with so many marvelous details supporting the hippie culture attitude of “people’s right to be different.” This is not my typical read, but I must say you managed to hook me with your amazing style. Your well-paced dialogue is the highlight of this piece; it’s snappy and peppy and so well done. I love the musical feel of the dialogue banter including “Lovers? lovers…” and “Three? Three…” This is really great writing and technique. I also loved your sensory imagery, even mixed with onomatopoeia, too!… (ie: “serious, slanted, and snake-like” and “smelling apples cidering sweet scents…”). Giving you lots of shiny stars!”


– Faith Rose

Jed Oliver, Author “French Roast and Lingerie” & “Saving Bob”

“Bravo! I commend you for your writing. I like this very much and place it in a position of honor on my bookshelf.”


– Jed Oliver, Author “French Roast and Lingerie” & “Saving Bob”

 Wolfmother, USA

“You’ve painted a picture of Christiania by description as well as dialogue, and it looks and sounds just as I remember it from years ago. Your characterisations bring us closer to the inhabitants and the atmosphere wafts through your writing. 
Somehow you’ve managed to give it a childlike feel without making it sound childish. On the other hand there are the scenes of police and public being opposed and offended, while you still allow the Queen her well-deserved dignity. Step by step you lead further into the conflict and we take sides accordingly. I found your writing reflected a modern outlook, with snapshots of scenery interacting with the happenings in a harmonious way. Your hooks carry tension and the noose seems to be getting pulled very tight indeed.”


– Ame
 Wolfmother, USA

Neville Kent, Author “The Secrets of the Forest” & “The Time Zone”

“I got a feel for the book straight away, good detail and description as I look into the world of ‘Christiania’ a hippy style commune with its regular supply of Manali charas.
 I could smell the pungent hash as it filled the room with its mind blowing action… 
I enjoyed the cycle ride as Freja and Gunnar survey the area taking a smoke on their way around.
 The prefab with its inner walls decorated from when it was a kindergarten classroom…this gives feeling to the impending situation—the demolition of the site…the wastefulness.
You’ve given the reader a good insight into what life is like in Christiania, easy going, carefree but things are about to change…”


– Neville Kent, Author “The Secrets of the Forest” & “The Time Zone”

Ryan X

“You have a knack for description, good sir! I must say, you paint a picture in the first chapter of a hippie hamlet being established so well I would have sworn it was a memory. Really, really wonderful job here. I also enjoyed your flow. You had an excellent beat going (per se) and I felt completely immersed in your story. Highly rated!



– Ryan X

Robert Benson Willey

“(Hans Christiania) gave me a new perspective on the place, and my living here in the back of the free town has really been cool…Yes Declan White after finishing your book, I can see what I suspected is true… It is a hell of a book… Really positive… Man, I really think it is good… what can I say… You got any more books?”


– Robert Benson Willey


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