Declan White Wins a Van Gogh Award

Irish journalist Declan White has won a Van Gogh award.

It has just been announced that Declan has won first prize at the 2017 Amsterdam Film Festival.

His screenplay HAIRS have been voted: SCREENPLAY COMPETITION WINNER in the Feature Screenplay Competition:

First Place: Hairs written by Declan White.


The Amsterdam Film Festival states on its website (

“The contest received a wide variety of submissions representing top storytellers from over 20 countries around the world.

“The quality of the work that we had the honor of reviewing was simply astounding.

“Judging from among this exceptionally high caliber of filmmaking talent proved to be extremely difficult as there were so many unique, well-made and worthy projects.

“After several months of careful consideration, we present to you the very best of the 2017 competition.”





Feature Screenplay Competition


First Place: Hairs written by Declan White


The full winners list in this prestigious competition are:


De grote Prijs van de Jury: Under The Stars directed by Clive Elkington, Alex Harvey-Brown

Cinematic Vision Award: Flora directed by Sasha Louis Vukovic

Van Gogh Award: Change to In Search of America directed by Marc Kornblatt

Prodigy Auteur Prize: Rolling Along: An Inline Movement directed by Richard Audley Vaughan

The Seventh Summit directed by Elia Youssef

Grand Jury Prize: Stanley directed by Mike Retter

Grand Jury Prize: Inside the Labyrinth directed by Caroline D’hondt

Grand Jury Prize: Father directed by Lella Satie


Dramatic Directing Award: Don’t Think About It directed by Niv Klainer

Documentary Directing Award: Exilic Trilogy directed by Arsalan Baraheni

World Cinema Directing Award: When The Sun Shines directed by Frederik Barington

World Cinema Directing Award: White Balloon  directed by Nihad Ademi

World Cinema Directing Award: The Sad Monk directed by Diana Frankovic

Excellence in Cinematography Award: Refugee Era directed by Husniye Vural

Excellence in Cinematography Award: Ghostwriter directed by Tyna Ezenma

Excellence in Cinematography Award: The I in Me directed by Ilia ten Böhmer

Excellence in Cinematography Award: Ravenswood directed by JD Cohen

World Cinema Cinematography Award: We Raised Ourselves directed by La’Nette Searcy, Andrew Elgendy

World Cinema Cinematography Award: The star of Algiers directed by Rachid Benhadj

World Cinema Cinematography Award: Everything in the Song is True directed by Douglas Morrione

World Cinema Cinematography Award: Mysterious Antarctica directed by Olga Stefanova

Best Documentary Film Editing: RiverBlue directed by David McIlvride and Roger Williams

Best Dramatic Film Editing: Letters Home directed by Jonah Jones

Best Feature Film Screenplay: Slipaway directed by Julia Butler and Daniel Mentz

Best Short Film Screenplay: Forgive Me Father directed by Mark Datuin

World Cinema Documentary Editing Award: A Bold Peace directed by Matthew Eddy and Michael Dreiling

World Cinema Screenwriting Award, Feature Film: Waking David directed by Kevin Nash

World Cinema Screenwriting Award, Short Film: Immaculate Heart directed by Jack Burke
Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Documentary Feature: No roads directed by Josh Wong

Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Documentary Short: We Came in Spring Carts directed by Clive Read

Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Dramatic: East West directed by Rodrigo Grota

Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Short: Little Thief directed by Xavier Guignard

Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Music Video: Golden Light directed by Virgilio Villoresi

Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Animation: Deep directed by Julio Soto Gurpide

Special Jury Prize for Spirit of Independence: Our fallen heroes directed by Stéphane Landowski

Special Jury Prize: International Short Filmmaking: The Butcher directed by Caspar Muller


World Cinema: Music Video – Blacked Out directed by Holiday Kirk

World Cinema: Student – Decompression directed by Anya Alekhina

World Cinema: Documentary Feature -Yosemite directed by Oliver Goetzl

World Cinema: Documentary Short- Postcard from Florence directed by Brian Fitz Gibbon

World Cinema: Experimental Film Award: The Lady on the bed directed by Olivia Malena Vidal

World Cinema: Animation: Crack’d directed by Sebastian Brown

Best Animation: Barkley directed by Li-Wei Chiu

Best Comedy: Passion of V directed by David Boo

Best Documentary Feature: The Unknowns directed by Neal Schrodetzki

Best Drama: Don’t Think About It directed by Megan Park

Best Sci-Fi: Singularity directed by Jordan Yankov

Best Romance: Kings and Queens directed by Conor Quinn

Best Fantasy: Pearl directed by Assia Qianhang Shao

Best Experimental: Now Appearing in Bucharest directed by Robert Lawrence

Best Family Film: Colors directed by Roopa Iyer

Best Documentary Short: Refugee directed by Joyce Chen, Emily Moore

Best Music Video: The Game directed by Erick Loi

Best Short: Kid Gloves directed by Julia Hart

Best Thriller: Cadence directed by Alexander Lasheras

Best Student: Dryland directed by Liv Prior Colliander

Best TV Pilot: The Parallel Project directed by Barrett Gregory





Feature Screenplay Competition


First Place: Hairs written by Declan White

Second Place: Life Is But A Dream written by David Earle

Third Place: Sven written by Jessica Whitehill



Official Finalists

The Shadow In The Mirror written by Eylem Cagla Sayman

The Mending Wall written by Jessica S Hinds

The Experiment written by Jeffrey Allen Russel and Lynda Lemberg

The Red Girl written by Anthony Liakopoulos

Fast Money and French Ladies written by Paul Myers

3 To Die written by Mitch Yapko and Allen Rueckert

The Galactic Bank Heist written by Sheldon Rogers

ICCCE War written by Harold Lea Brown

Tat and the Virus written by Polina Zinoviev

Big Dreams written by Todd Bennett


Short Screenplay Competition Winners:

First Place: No Choice written by Stephen M. Hunt

Second Place: Othello-San written by Theodore A. Adams III

Third Place: Altera Station written by Rodolfo Elias


Official Finalists

The Art of DNA written by Mary Anzalone

Locked In written by Holly Hargreaves


First Time Screenwriter Competition Winners:

First Place: Hafez written by Jeremy Perez

Second Place: Loonatoona written by Shockadelic

Third Place: The Conspiracy Project written by Sarah McKinnon


Official Finalists

The Wonderful written by Demitra Papadinis

The Handler written by Lawrence Whitener

In the Voodoo Parlour of Marie Laveau written by M. Cristine Beato

Uncle Frits written by Charles DeRykus


Stage Play Competition Winners:

First Place: Two Merchants of Venice written by Stephen M. Hunt

Second Place: A Novel Approach written by Mary Anzalone

Third Place: A Kind of Marriage written by Charles Leipart


Official Finalists

Music Between Us written by Tal Rayman


Television Script Competition Winners:

First Place: Michelangelo written by Roberto Lemos

Second Place: Mount Pleasant written by Cat Dale

Third Place: Dudley High written by Thato R. Mwosa