Los Angeles is going crazy for HAIRS.

The political horror thriller has won another award.

Screenwriter Declan White has been invited to Hollywood in October to receive a 1st Place Winner prize at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.

“It was so well deserved, Declan,” the Hollywood-based LAIFFA stated in an email to Declan.

“We certainly look forward to see more of your work in future. Wish you all the best. Have a great day.”

Winners will receive awards in front of a live audience at the LAIFFA Ceremony in Los Angeles in October.

Even the bald fear Hairs.

This political horror thriller reveals how military, mafia, politicians and big-pharma are pushing a fiendish GMO concoction on the American public, resulting in a scary hairy disease that attacks humanity.

This is only the start… they have more genetic monsters on the way to plague the Americans, and the world.

But one woman is out to stop them … with hairstyles that will knock audiences over… and might scare us into fleeing the cinema.