THE T-SHIRT for our novel about Christiania is getting well aired in Russia.

Legendary Christiania musician Charlie is gigging in Lennigrad, and wearing the T-Shirt for our novel (which was once named: Christiania You Won My Heart, before realising that was plagiarism and changed it to Christiania Angel, and now the title has changed again to: Hans Christiania.

It is the same story about Christiania – the free town of Copenhagen in Denmark – and its struggles over half a century with authority and the Danish police, who act like the thuggish Spanish police by violently stopping free-born people from carrying out their economic, social and political will…

Charlie is part of the Christiania culture exchange in Russia, and he has worn the T-Shirt at gigs and in culture exchanges.

This picture was first published in last week’s Ugespejlet, which the local newspaper for the freetown where nearly 1,000 residents run their own community / society, even having their own currency, as they try to build a fairer and safer society.