Here are the faces of the two thieves who ran truth out of Ireland.

Here are two robbers: Bishop Eamon Casey and Fr. Michael Cleary.

These were two arch-hypocrites, honoured by official Ireland.

They were lauded by the then pope for their exemplary lives of celibacy.

But Casey stole from the poor of the third-world to financially support his secret son.

Cleary stole from Dublin parishioners to financially pay for his secret family life – him being the father of two boys – while going on TV to say how he was celibate.

He said that for him it was easy to live the life of the celibate, and the Irish fawned over Cleary.

But Gordon and Edith Thomas had received death threats after Gay Byrne ambushed Gordon on the Late Late Show.

Gordon’s main attacker was Fr Michael Cleary – Bishop Casey’s singing-partner in welcoming Pope John Paul 11 to Ireland back in 1979.

While attacking Gordon, Fr. Cleary was publicly praising celibacy in the priesthood, but he turned out to be yet another Catholic hypocrite.

For Fr. Cleary had secretly fathered two sons with his housekeeper Phyllis Hamilton, and he was living in a clandestine marriage with Phyllis in the priest’s house paid for by Dublin parishioners.

At the same time he was on TV, radio, and doing singing shows where he was telling the world that he was celibate and he was thankful for being celibate.

But after the public show he was going home to the ‘wife’.

Cleary and Casey were the two main hypocrites who hindered the life and valuable work of the great writer Gordon Thomas.

Casey ran away from Gordon Thomas when the award-winning writer and investigative reporter tracked the fugitive bishop down to Mexico.

This was after Casey had done a midnight flip from Galway where he had misused funds for their third-world poor to support his clandestine illicit life.

Casey lived a life of lies.

Cleary’s life of lies resulted in him openly attacking Gordon Thomas on Irish television when the writer confronted him about celibacy.

Cleary lied about his celibacy, and his supporters made death-threats against Gordon Thomas and his family who then lived in Delgany, Co Wicklow.

Life became very difficult for Gordon, his life was under threat and he could not count on official Ireland (police, courts, politicians, government, department of justice, etc) to protect him and his family.

Casey could not face the truth when Gordon Thomas stepped out of the shadows in Mexico and confronted the runaway bishop.

Casey legged it.

The bishop ran as fast as his portly body could move rather than talk to a real reporter asking the questions Ireland wanted to know: Where is the money? Why did you lie to us for all these decades?

In 1992 it was revealed that Bishop Eamon Casey had in 1974 fathered a son with American divorcee Annie Murphy.

Casey was probably the most popular face of Catholic Ireland, having welcomed Pope John Paul 11 to the green Catholic island.

But when the news broke of the bishop’s son Casey disappeared.

He laid out a path of lies and deception with Irish Times reporters, and with his own supporters, so he could escape, scurry away like a rodent from a trap.

Casey in those hectic days showed his true colours: a cad, a swindler, a scoundrel, and in normal Irish-speak: a blackguard.

He allowed himself to lower human dignity to the rank level of the scumbag.

No one knew where Bishop Casey was.

And the Vatican would not tell.

Gordon Thomas in 1993 scooped a world exclusive when he tracked down the fugitive Bishop Casey to a remote village in Mexico

Casey had been hidden away with the help of his superiors in Rome.

The same as the Catholic Church did with the child rapist Fr. Brendan Smyth, and all the other clergy paedophiles.

But when Casey saw Gordon Thomas, Casey ran away.

Like Fr. Smyth, Casey was also a coward.

Casey and Cleary were thieves.

They were liars.

They were leaders of a Catholic Ireland that allowed priests to rape children and nuns to murder babies.

And that Catholic Ireland ran out many a truth-seeking reporter, including Gordon Thomas.

Ireland owes Gordon Thomas an apology.

The new Ireland, if it has replaced deceit with decency, should posthumously honour Gordon Thomas for without him, and a few other brave reporters, this new Ireland would never have been born.