The new documentary, Christiania – 40 Years of Occupation, is a great work of art full of architecture in every frame, an inspiring, up-lift masterpiece of movie making. All involved are to be congratulated, and praised for producing a pure lyrical look into an alternative ‘utopia’ that enchants us with exciting shots of the self-bult wonders in Christiania. The documentary makers capture the atmosphere of the free state where wonderful opportunities for fresh thoughts and deeds are offered to humankind. Those people who spoke for, and explained, Christiania were a joy to listen to, and good fun too … they do like to party, and why wouldn’t Christiania party on… Oh, yes, really good investigative journalism when the documentary catches the cop and civil servant crippling the truth on camera, ‘official’ Denmark making the rules up as they go along; poor lost souls, yet they could be enjoying the joys of Christiania like so many of us visitors who are so thankful to be still able to enjoy the free state for over forty years. I hope great good fortune smiles on this documentary, and Bevar Christiania.

Robert Lawson
July 22nd, 2015 at 11:09 pm

Thank you for this wonderful review of our film! I’m glad you got to see it. More info about the film at


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