Spiritual soldier Tony Kelly is laid to rest in Dalkey, Ireland, today.

In Heaven the High Spirits have a feast of ambrosia prepared for Tony who is always fond of real food.

And nectar will flow in the happiest moments of Heaven as angels and saints toast the return of their great hero to Paradise.

Tony, who was once the personal trainer to Metallica, inspired us wee morals on earth with his calmness, wit, and courage while he battled motor neurone disease.

This rare condition (called ALS in America) progressively damages the nervous system, and the body visibly wastes away when the muscles weaken as nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord stop working.

While it pained us all to watch Tony losing his grip, walking, speaking and swallowing, Tony himself did not give in to his ailment.

He stayed positive, fighting it to his last breath, and he was so witty and so wise, gaining more wisdom the more pain that was flung at him.

Tony was a great-unsung hero, who jogged for miles every morning. Early one day he was running by the sea in Dun Laoghaire when a panicked woman ran towards him asking did he have a mobile.

Tony asked why did she want a phone. To call the emergency services, pointing to a man drowning in the sea. Tony gave her his mobile, rushed to the waters, dived in, swam to the drowning fellow, and pulled him safely back to shore.

While the police, with their coffee and doughnuts, arrived, and the ambulance came to bring the saved-man to hospital, Tony retrieved his mobile, and silently continued his jog.

Such was the hero Tony Kelly. Such is our lose, but such is Heaven’s gain, and no wonder God is happy today that Tony his home with his family in Heaven.

Blessings on Tony Kelly.