POPE BENEDICT 16TH looks in such rosy good health that he is capable to stand trial for failing in his duty of care to hundreds of children who suffered sexual abuse from monster Fr Brendan Smyth.

At 90 years of age Benedict is still strong enough to wear his gold watch and gold ring and quaff alcohol in the luxury of the Vatican.

But what about the hundreds of children violated by paedophile priest Fr Smyth who Benedict allowed to roam free instead of handing the sex fiend cleric over to the police.

Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI was pictured yesterday, Easter Monday, in a photo from Osservatore Romano/Handout via Reuters, drinking beer with a member of a German delegation and with his brother, Monsignor Georg Ratzinger (R), at the Vatican on April 17, 2017.

Benedict XVI, who resigned as Pope in 2013, was snapped celebrating his 90th birthday with a mug of beer in the company of visitors from his native Bavaria in Germany.

The snaps taken by the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano of the celebrations show Benedict sipping booze while his brother also swigs alcohol.

Benedict looked happy as he admired a gift basket of pretzels, then he enjoyed the sunny weather with his guests in the gardens of the monastery on Vatican City grounds where Benedict has lived since he became the first pontiff to resign in 600 years.

Why did he resign?

That question has still not been answered adequately.

He proffered the excuse that he was frail and his health was failing, leading followers to believe that their pontiff was about to die … but, hey, four years later Benedict is smiling away, boozing away, looking in the best of health for his age.

Did he resign because Benedict was about to be sued by survivors of Fr Smyth, and the Catholic Church would loose a fortune in compensation because he was the head of the religion.

The leader 1.2 billion members could not feign ignorance of Fr Smyth’s sexual crimes against children because Benedict was informed in the 1990s about the pervert priest raping Irish children.

But Benedict ignored it, and so allowed the savage Fr Smyth to go on to abuse more children.

But that left Benedict open to being sued, and the Church would loose mega bucks, but when he resigned he was no longer head of the Church’s treasury, and so little money could be taken from him.

Also Benedict hid himself inside the Vatican, a sovereign state that it would be difficult to serve legal papers on him.

Over five decades Fr Smyth had sexually molested hundreds, possibly thousands, of children in Italy, Ireland, UK and the USA.

The Catholic Church protected Fr Smyth by moving him from parish to parish, but everywhere they placed him Fr Smyth raped more children.

From our home in Co Clare we (husband and wife news-couple Ann Gitte Oerbaek and Declan White) had faxed Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict 16th) in the Vatican in the mid 1990s about Fr Smyth’s criminal activities, about him molesting children, asking him what was he going to do about Fr Smyth.

The pope-to-be did not reply to our faxes or to our repeated phone calls to him in the Vatican. An assistant confirmed our faxes had reached Benefict-to-be.

But much worse than not returning our calls, Benedict did not report Fr Smyth to the police.

The only reply we received was from an editor claiming to have the ear of the Irish Hierarchy.

He said the Hierarchy was threatening us that if we did not stop doing our job, reporting these pervert priest revelations for a UK Sunday newspaper, then each individual bishop would sue us and so take our home off us in Co Clare, and basically throw our three children onto the side of the road.

Those bishops, and Pope Benedict, and Cardinal Seán Brady, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Armagh and the leader of the Roman Church in all Ireland, did not care about the abused children.

Those men were only interested in saving the reputation of the Catholic Church.

And the Church’s wealth, and its controlling power over a supined Irish nation.

The Church hid Fr Smyth when the Northern Ireland police were searching for him for crimes against children.

They hid the brute Fr Smyth for years in the Republic of Ireland, where he abused even more children.

If today’s Dublin government was truly genuine, and if the Irish gardai were not so corrupt, then extradition warrants could be instigated to bring Benedict and Brady to finally face justice.

Pope Benedict and Cardinal Brady got away with their crimes because the Irish gardai and the Dublin authorities were so corrupt and incompetent in those days.

Have things changed?

Has the Irish government now the courage to finally do the right thing for all those defiled children?

Benedict and Brady are criminals for child endangerment.

Both of them failed to protect victims sexually abused by one of his staff – Fr Brendan Smyth, who died in an Irish prison in 1997.

Benedict and Brady failed the children.

They failed to provide their faithful – Fr Smyth’s child victims and their parents – with an adequate duty of care.

They allowed that savage Fr Smyth to continue his raping rampage on innocent children while Benedict and Brady quaffed alcohol and enjoyed their pleasured lives.

If there is any justice in this world then it is now time that Taoiseach Enda Kenny and the Dublin government seek the arrest of Benedict and Brady.

And if Pope Francis is genuine, he ought to hand over Benedict and Brady to face the truth.



We Faxed Him about Horrors ..He Ignored Us – Sunday Mirror (London …

SUNDAY MIRROR March 21, 2010


THE POPE knew about the Irish clerical abuse scandal 15 YEARS ago – because the Irish Sunday Mirror told him about it.

A series of faxes about the sex scandal that has rocked the Church in Ireland were sent direct to then Cardinal Ratzinger quizzing him about it after a string of phone calls to his office were ignored.

Ratzinger – then known as Pope John Paul II’s “enforcer” – was sent three faxes to ask him what the Vatican planned to do about the Church’s cover-up of paedophiles in the mid 90s.

But he IGNORED the faxes and no answers were ever given. Instead a sinister message was passed on to Sunday Mirror reporter Declan White warning him off.