A bad wind blows on the Aegean today and the sea is swallowing human lives.

Pleasure boats and local ferries have stopped service because of a dangerous sea running.

But desperate immigrants – fleeing from crucifixion, murder and rape – are desperately attempting to gain freedom by boating against the weather into Greece.

Some 34 drowned today. Another 68 swam to safety. Another 70 were rescued when their dinghy punctured.

Many children died today, some in their mothers’ arms.

These women and kiddies should not have died.

They should not have had to go on this sea today with a bad wind blowing.

European politicians are a disgrace.

If they are going to give sanctuary to these immigrants then send down the trains to Turkey and bring them north in safety.

Or build a temporary city in Turkey to house the millions of refugees – most want to return home when this war is over.

America and Europe must pay for these trains and new city, because their bombs caused this outpouring of humanity seeking safety.

US and EU politicians have blood on their hands today – 34 refugees, almost half of them babies and children, drowned when their boat sank off a Greek island this morning.

This is almost certainly the largest death toll in these Greek / Turkish waters since the migrant crisis began.

Four babies, six boys and five girls died when the wooden vessel carrying them overturned on Sunday morning – 5 km east of the small island of Farmakonisi, close to Turkey’s coast.

Tens of thousands of mainly Syrian refugees have braved rough seas this year to make the short but precarious journey from Turkey to Greece’s eastern islands.

These families are packing themselves into flimsy and overcrowded inflatable dinghies.

On Lesbos, the Greek island that has borne the brunt of Greece’s migrant intake, an inflatable burst about 100 metres from shore. About 70 people, including many children, were in the dinghy. Locals pulled infants and toddlers – including a two-month old baby cradled by his father – ashore on rubber rings.

Islanders saw 10 dinghies arriving within 90 minutes today (Sunday).

Send the trains and buses, save lives, European politicians wake up, please!