Apple’s CEO T


APPLE’S TIM COOK must be the most attentive CEO on the planet – he even helps to fledge our Cli-Fi novel Dazzle Eagles.

If there were only more CEOs like him what a wonderful, wonderful world this could be.

We had problems trying to upload our novel Dazzle Eagles to iBooks.

Now we cannot blame Apple for we don’t know what the problem was but it could have had to do with wee Ireland being one of the few places on the globe without post codes.

Sure why would us Irish need post codes; you just write a name and a townland and the postman will find you.

Everyone knows over here what you are having for breakfast, and what room you slept in last night.

But the outside world seems to be a different place to the laid-back Emerald Isle.

Postal services, citizens and businesses need zip codes, and you can be denied services on the Internet if you don’t insert your code.

Our IT expert Zoe and helpful Apple folk tried to sort the mess out, but it didn’t seem solvable.

Many times when you get angry you say, “I’m going to contact the main man.”

But how do you do that?

Numerous companies do not provide an email to connect with them directly.

And countless bosses purposely stay hidden from customers.



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