Annie Collins Pays No Rent But Has €83,324.12 Cash In Bank

A Limerick solicitor confirmed that his client Annie Collins had €83,324.12 cash when she refused to pay her rent.

Her solicitor has stated that was “the exact amount, to the cent”.

Collins had the mega-cash deposit in a bank five miles away.

But she continually refused to pay rent, claiming she had no money to pay for the rent of a property in Mountshannon, Co Clare.

Collins, 51-years-old and originally from Co Kildare, is now living in someone else property in Whitegate, Co Clare.

According to a submission to the PRTB Tribunal, held in Limerick on April 4th last, Collins had refused many times to pay her rent when she was asked to.

The landlord had to travel countless times to Co Clare to plead with Annie Collins to pay her rent.

But every time Collins refused.

Claiming she had no money.

But the truth is now out.

Collins had over €83,000 cash in a bank in nearby Scarriff.

That came to light when her estranged partner, Stewart Barrett, posted Collins’ monthly bank account statement to the landlord.

And that fact finally surfaced into the public domain when Collins engaged a Limerick solicitor.

She has made numerous attempts to get money out of the landlord, and a PRTB Adjudication had awarded her €4,000, which the landlord was to pay her.

The landlord was irritated that Collins could get away with having so much money, living the highlife, and not paying her rent.

He appealed to the Tribunal.

Collins then hired and paid for a solicitor (fees are about €600 for a PRTB hearing).

The solicitor engaged by Collins confirmed to the PRTB Tribunal that Collins did in fact have big bucks in a bank at the time she refused to pay her rent, and her rent arrears.

Her solicitor, Gerard Meehan, brought Collins bank account to the Tribunal’s attention.

The landlord submitted to the Tribunal that Collins had €83,324.12 cash when she refused to pay.

Solicitor Meehan told the Tribunal that the €83,324.12 was “the exact amount, to the cent, in my client’s bank account”.