Americans Need More Vacations

American workers need more holidays – not just because they are now working more hours than ever before.

They need more time off if the country wishes to boost productivity – just like what is happening in Germany.

A quarter of US workers do not get a paid vacation, as there is no statutory obligation for employers to offer paid holiday time.

The average US employee now works 160 hours – the equivalent of four weeks – more than she or he did in 1976 (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics).

This American ‘work, work, work’ ideal probably dates back to the Founding Fathers, and the deep-rooted Puritan ethic.

But today everybody is not sharing in the profits of this ‘work, work, work’ high-mindedness, which is reflected by the ever-growing gap between wealth and workers.

To boost productivity the Americans have started to look down their superior noses at nanny-state Europe.

In Germany the six weeks’ paid holiday is the norm, and its economy is flying, not just outperforming most of Europe but America as well.


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