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John Life Publishing

JohnLifePublishing offers alternative views and inspiring writing to our readers.

We are a small outfit, publishing in the Danish and English languages, both in print and ebooks.

JohnLifePublishing works with a loose-knit cooperative of writers, graphical-and editorial free-lancers who come and go, bringing their skills, observations, novels and poems to the world. Presently we publish fiction, however, we are also lining up audio books, podcasts, and factual alternative health books for future publication. Our little circle cooperates in Denmark with Copenhagen-based publishers Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag regarding publishing, distribution and translations.

Our next cooperation is Dazzle Eagles to be launched in Danish in November, 2016. The new novel will feature in the largest Danish BookFair in Copenhagen Nov 11-13, 2016. JohnLifePublishing are exhibiting Fri 11th, Sat 12th, Sun 13th Nov, 2016 at NewPub stand from 2pm each day.

This fairytale flies with eagles returning to a land where their species has been extinct for over one hundred years, and their struggles against wildlife rivals and human predators. But this is not a simple fairytale. This fascinating and timely allegory reminds many readers of Animal Farm, where the eagles help us understand the ultimate futility of the War On Nature.

Our previous cooperation with Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag was Christiania Angel, another fairytale/ eco-litt about alternative lifestyles: the freetown in central Copenhagen whose residents have been decoupling from the mainstream since the 1970s.

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Irsk forfatter på dansk. Declan White’s romaner udtrykker irsk charme og vit. De afspiller hans interesse i socioøkonomisk – og politisk historie samt spirituality og nytænkning. Declan bringer håb til læseren i hans øjenåbnende rekonstruktion af en ellers uudholdelig verden.